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2642700 - Extraction Run for Financial Data Error - Details report execution failed - Start the extraction run again


You are not able to execute the Extraction Run for Financial Data as the system throws the error message 'Details report execution failed. Start the extraction run again'.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the General Ledger work center.
  2. Navigate to the Extraction Run for Financial Data view.
  3. Click New and then Extraction Run for Financial Data.
  4. Complete the necessary data.
  5. Press Start Now.
  6. An error message appears: 'Details report execution failed. Start the extraction run again'.


The error message is raised due to a huge data amount in your financial reports. It is possible to extract up to approximately 700.000 data records in one run. You can avail of the Split file feature: When this function is selected the run will automatically split the data into 2 files per accounting period.

The split option is especially for converting large files into smaller ones. This is correct and legal and is easily accepted by the tax auditors. The split function definitely does not lead to errors when importing into the IDEA software which is the standard software for german auditors.

In general, the following applies:

In SAP Business by Design, the data structures are different. As a result, the auditor cannot use the Braunschweig model.

For more information, see the following section:

In general, SAP provides the GDPdU-relevant data without specific format specification. The generation of the index xml file is not necessary and is not provided. If the files as they were generated are not compatible with the tax auditor's program, the extensions of the files can be changed manually according to your requirements and can be adjusted, that is, added. Normally these adjustments do not have to be made. The provided format is SAP AIS. It has been aligned between audit tool providers and SAP. It's not a file format that opens directly on the PC but with some knowledge of the file structure, it can also be edited in Microsoft Excel or a text editor.

This article in the SAP blog will help you:

Enterprise Resource Planning Blogs by SAP


To generate the whole data amount, you could try the following:

If the error message is raised for the Journal report only:

  1. In the Periodic Tasks: Extraction Run for Financial Data view press New.
  2. Enter the respective Company and Set of Books as well as periods to be considered.
  3. Mark the Split File box.
  4. Execute the run.
  5. This way the run might be able to extract all the relevant data of the Journal report.

*It is possible that the run generates technical warnings which have no influence on the data files. Our development is working on reducing these messages in upcoming system releases.

If the error message is raised for more than one report, the Journal as well as the G/L Accounts - line items report for instance:

A) Execute the extraction run for shorter periods, for example,  for 6 months, 3 months or monthly intervals. Then combine the extracted files together manually:

  1. In the Periodic Tasks: Extraction Run for Financial Data view press New.
  2. Enter the respective Company and Set of Books.
  3. In the Year/Period From and To fields enter a shorter period as above.

*Tip: Open the respective reports first from the Reports- List view in the General Ledger workcenter before:

  1. Enter the time period of your choice and check if the report is able to load the data.
  2. Should the report finish with an error reduce the time intervals.
  3. Once the report is able to generate data for the selected period the extraction run will be able to extract the data for this same period as well.

B) For the Extraction run use a reporting package without the report triggering the error message. Instead, extract the data of the respective report(s) from the Reports - List view:

  1. In the General Ledger navigate to the Reports view and there to the List subview.
  2. Choose the Journal report (or the G/L Accounts- Line Items report).
  3. Change the view from Journal to Journal for GDPDU.
  4. Complete the necessary data and click Go.
  5. Click the Download button and then select Report in Microsoft Excel® in XML Format.


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