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2642773 - Data Protection and Privacy - Data Purge - Career Development Planning


This article serves as an overview of the Data Purge in Succession and Data Time Retention Management tool in Career Development Planning.

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors Succession Management
  • SAP SuccessFactors Career Development Planning
  • SAP SuccessFactors Mentoring


What is it?

This enhancement supports the “right to erasure or be forgotten” as prescribed within Data Protection and Privacy regulations – essentially allowing the Data Protection Officer (DPO) to effectively purge personal data associated with a subject user.  The DPO can use the newly redesigned Data Time Retention Management (DTRM) tool available through Manage Data in Admin Center to configure retention rules by country for Performance reviews purge object.

Prerequisites & Configuration

  • MDF (Generic Objects) (Provisioning)
  • RBP: Admin Center >User Permission-> Data Retention Management > DRTM Development Goal-> Give the necessary permission
  • Enable DRM: Company Setting > Company System and Logo Settings > Data Retention Management
  • Enable Countries for Data Retention Management: in Admin Center > Manage Data)
  • Career Development Planning

You need to activate "DRTM Development Goals" and 'DRTM Career Worksheet in Upgrade Center.


If you have already activated "DRTM Succession" in the Q4 2017 release, you need to activate the new version of "DRTM Succession" and "DRTM Career Worksheet" again, as there have been functional changes.


Step 1: Enable/Upgrade DRTM Development Goals, Career Worksheet and Mentoring

  1. Go to Upgrade Center
  2. Upgrade to DTRM Development, DRTM Career Worksheet and DRTM Mentoring

Step 2: Enable DRTM specific permissions

  1. Go to the required role via Manage Permission Roles
  2. Go to Data Retention Management section and enable DRTM permissions, as shown in screenshot: 


    3. Go to Manage data section of the role and give all permissions (Create, Approve Data Purge, Create and Purge DRTM Purge Request)
    4. Save changes

Step 3: Define Retention time (it is mandatory)

  1.  Go to Manage data via Admin Center
  2.  Select DRTM Development Goals Purge in 1st drop-down and  Development Goals in 2nd drop-down
  3.  Define retention time based on country and define the time frame

Step 4: Create Purge Request

  1. Go to Admin Center-> Data Retention Management
  2. Click Create New Purge Request
  3. Select DTRM Development Goal Purge or DRTM Career Worksheet Purge
  4. Under Define Subject Criteria, select whether you want to purge data for a single specified user or for set of users based on combination of user status and country

    A. Development Goal Plan:

    • Purges Goals for all goal plans belonging to the user(s);
    • Purges references to Learning Activities for all goal plans belonging to the user(s);
    • Reference Date:
      • Inactive Users: date of termination: purge data of those users who have been inactive for a period of n years/months;
      • Active Users: date when the goal plan was last changed.

    B. Career Worksheet: 

    • Purges references to Target Roles.

    C. Mentoring: 

    • Purges records of the user(s) having been Mentor, Mentee, or Program Owner, as well as Match and Signup Form data
    • Reference Date:
      • Inactive Users: date of termination: purge data of those users who have been inactive for a period of n years/months
      • Active Users: date when program closed (Program Owner), date when relationship or program closed* (Mentor or Mentee)
  5. Add Approver

Step 5: Approval's step

Approval needs to go Maintenance Monitor via Admin Center to approve purge request, as below:


Note on purge rule: If the program has not yet been completed, nothing gets purged. Only when the program and relationship have been closed, can the user data be purged.

Note on Preview Reports: When downloading the preview reports, a report with the info "The user master data will be excluded from the application data purge" is included when purging Mentees/ Mentors from a Mentoring program. This is to notify you that the master data for the user(s) remains unaffected. Example: purge will not affect user's; department, division, location etc.


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