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2643365 - System Proposes Wrong Source and Target Logistics Area While Confirming Make Task


When you confirm the Make Task, system proposes Source and Target Logistics Area X instead of Y. (here X and Y represents Logistics Area IDs)


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Production Control Workcenter.
  2. Go to Task Control View.
  3. In the field Show, select All Tasks by Selection using drop-down and choose Go.
  4. Now find the required Make Task ID.
  5. Select the required Make Task ID and choose Confirm.
  6. Navigate to Confirmation tab.
  7. Under Output Products sub tab, you see that system proposes Target Logistics Area as X instead of Y. (here *X and Y represents the Logistics Area IDs)


In Make Task, Target Logistics Area is proposed as per the logistics area maintained for the Main Resource maintained at the Operation(Make).

When a production model is created, Logistics Area at the operation will be automatically picked up from Main Resource Logistics area which is maintained at Make Operation. So, Logistics Area at both Resource and Operation should always be the same.


  1. Go to the Planning and Production Master Data Workcenter.
  2. Go to Production Bills of Operation View.
  3. Find the required Bills of Operation ID against the Output Product.
  4. Select and edit it.
  5. Go to Structure tab, expand all operations and select required Make Operation.
  6. Here you can find Main Resource set for the operation.
  7. Now in Details section, under subtab Operation Details, you see the Logistics Area ID is being used as Target Logistics Area.
  8. Here using Value Selection, enter new Logistics Area which is required.
  9. Perform Check Consistency and Save.


  1. From BoO itself, double click on hyperlink of Resource ID.
  2. In the resource window, in General tab under Resource Location Data, Logistics Area ID is maintained.
  3. Here now the set the new Logistics Area ID same as maintained at Operation Level in BoO.
  4. Once it is done, perform Save.
  5. Now open the Logistics Area ID via hyperlink from Resource ID window itself.
  6. Edit the relevant Logistics Area ID.
  7. Find the Logistics Area ID in the hierarchy.
  8. Choose and navigate to Resources tab.
  9. Here in section: Production Supply and Output Details.
  10. Choose required Fixed Supply Area and Fixed Supply Area as per your requirement.
  11. Perform Save and Close.


  1. Once all these data changes have been done.
  2. Go to the Planning and Production Master Data Work center.
  3. Go to Production Models View.
  4. Show All Production Models and find the required Production Model ID.
  5. It should be status Check Pending.
  6. Edit and choose Check Consistency.
  7. Then choose Release Production Model selecting For Planning and Execution.
  8. Perform Save.
  9. Once all these steps are completed, then create a Production Order and Tasks to have new logistics area to be fetched by the system.

Note: Production Tasks which were already created will not have the new Supply and Target Logistics Area IDs.


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