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2644361 - Additional calculation option for Career Worksheet Role Readiness in Q2 2018


Additional calculation option for Career Worksheet Role Readiness in b1805


SAP SuccessFactors BIZX:

  • Career Development Planning
  • Career Worksheet


What is it? 

Until now, the "Role Readiness" score on the Career worksheet was always calculated as the percentage of competency expected ratings that are met for a particular role, in which each expected rating met is worth a full point and each rating not met is worth zero. As requested by several customers, we are now offering an option to choose a proportional calculation instead, in which each competency rating is weighted as a percentage of the expected rating.

Why is it important?

For employees, managers, and Succession planners, a Role Readiness score calculated proportionally could more accurately show how close a user is to full readiness for a role.


Succession and development licenses, Career Worksheet permissions

  • Requires changes to Career Worksheet xml template configuration:
     New switch included: "new-role-readiness-calculation" value = "on"

  • Also supports rating on competency behaviors

XML Configuration and Logic of Readiness meter calculation

Introduce a switch in CWS template to control the method of Role Readiness calculation.By default,use 'Old Score' if no switch set in Career Worksheet template or switch=off, as mentioned in KBA-2221651.

Formula:  Competency Readiness = (Employee Rating-Scale_min)/(Expect Rating- Scale_min)

<switch for="new-role-readiness-calculation" value="on" />

(Rating Scale begin with 0.)

Calculation logic->

1. Get each competencies readiness (if you use behavior then it will also be included in readiness calculation) ,

(Nomalize expect_rating, current_rating by Career Worksheet template scale, get ratings in format X.XX)

  • if employee_rating >= expect_rating, readiness = 100%
  • if employee_rating < expect_rating, readiness = (emloyee_rating - Scale_min) / (expect_rating - Scale_min) ; (readiness in format XX.XX)
  • if no employee_rating, readiness = 0
  • if no expect_rating, readiness = 0
  • if employee_rating is unrated , readiness = 0

2. Average all competency readiness. (Final Readiness in format XX)


Rating Scale (0 - 5)


(Employee Rating-Scale_min)/(Expect Rating- scale_min)

Rating Scale ( 1- 10)


(Employee Rating-Scale_min)/(Expect Rating- scale_min)

Expected RatingEmployee RatingExpected RatingEmployee Rating
Competency1 4.00 5.00 100% 8.20 10.00 100%
Competency2 3.00 2.00 66.67% (scale-min=0 as rating scale starts from                  0) 6.40 4.60 66.67% (scale-min=1 as rating scale starts from                 1)
Competency3 4.00 3.00 75% 8.20 6.40 75%
Competency4 2.00 2.00 100% 4.60 4.60 100%
Competency5 2.00 1.00 50% 4.60 2.80 50%
Competency6 4.00 2.00 50% 8.20 4.60 50%
74% 74%

Note: The Career Worksheet does not support Zero ('0') in the competency rating scale percentage. Calculating a Competency with a zero rating will cause it to display as 'N/A' for Expected Rating and show as 'not met'.


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