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2645305 - Inline Chart Legend Labels missing in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • Chart Legend not showing.
  • Not all the chart Legend Labels are displayed.
  • When resizing a chart to be smaller in SAP Analytics Cloud, the chart labels are disappearing.
  • When formatting a Chart Legend to display as "Inline", some, or all of the legend labels are missing when viewing the Story in SAP Analytics Cloud.


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 

Reproducing the Issue

  1. In SAP Analytics Cloud, open a Story.  
  2. Add a Chart, like a Stacked Bar Chart.
  3. Insert Measures and Dimension to the Chart.
  4. Under the Chart Styling tab, set the Chart Legend option to: "Inline"
  5. When resizing the Chart, notice not all the legend labels appears,
    and if you resize the Chart even more, all the legend labels disappears.
    SAC - Legend Labels - 05.png


  • Expected behavior to ensure the chart is readable.
  • When there is not enough space to display some of the chart legend labels, the legend labels that would overlap are not displayed, so this is why it only show some of the legend labels. 
  • When the chart is even smaller, and there is no space to display any of the legend labels, the legend is not dispayed at all.


  • When the Chart Legend is not displayed, you can perform one of the folowing:
    • When designing the Story, resize the Chart to be large enough to allow room to display all the Chart Legend labels; or
    • When viewing a Story, select the contextual option "Full Screen", to view a larger version of the Chart, which will then show all the Chart Legend Labels.
       SAC - Legend Labels - Full Screen.png
  • Below is an example of Stacked Bar Chart with an Inline Legend Labels, and after resizing the Chart to be larger, it allows all the Legend Labels to display.
    SAC - Legend Labels - ALL.png

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