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2645455 - Region Of Birth Shows "NO DATA"


Selecting a given Country of Birth (for which the region of birth is enabled),  the  Region Of Birth instead of listing picklist values displays "NO DATA".

However, the Business Configuration UI for Biographical Information is correct per Legacy Data Model


Employee Central - Biographical Information

Employee Central - Home Address

Reproducing the Issue

  • Access a User from a Country for which Region Of Birth enabled (ex-Brazil)
  • Go to Biographical Information
  • Country Of Birth
  • Region Of Birth shows "NO DATA"



Configuration Problem: The picklist for tha country (ex. ) has been removed from the picklist.

To check this please proceed as follows:

A- Check the Address

  • Go to any user 
  • Go to Address portlet
  • Select the  affected Country 
  • There is no picklist for the "State" no value displayed either

Address 1.jpg

B- Check BCUI

  • Go to Manage Business Configuration, in Coutry Specific area
  • Check the State picklist (for our example Bra)

Horme Address.jpg

C - Check the picklist

  • Download the picklist from the system
  • Filter for State
  • The State value for the country with issue is missing in this example "STATE_BRA" would be missing


As of Date, Hard-coded Picklist for Region of Birth exist for countries Italy, France, Venezuela, Brazil and Chile

Therefore the problem described here will concern one or all of the above countries or any other countries as curently supported

To correct the problem:

Add the missing State value to the picklist and import back into the system.

Set the picklist for State in BCUI

Home Address 2.jpg

The region of birth will then display as expected.


And the address info will also dispay the state as appropriate

address 2.jpg

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