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The "Inline Resume Viewer" feature (also known as the Resume Carousel) allows users to view resumes and cover letters of candidates without the need to download and install document readers like Microsoft Word and Adobe Reader. The feature will convert resume and cover letter files to images so that it can be displayed in a browser window.

The conversion software used in the past was OpenOffice. However, this solution used to present a few conversion issues and it was not able to convert a significant number of documents.

As part of the 2018Q1 (1802) release, our product management team decided to migrate from this old solution to a new one using LibreOffice.

This new solution presents a better conversion rate and support a more variety of fonts from the most common document creators.


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This new solution improves the convert rate significantly. There are still a few documents that are not able to be converted. This behaviour happens when the document uses a font that is not recognized by the solution. It is impossible for a conversion software implements all the possible fonts from all the document creation software. It is expected that a few numbers of resumes will still have some blurry or strange characters when being displayed on inline resume viewer, something around 4% of the total number of resumes in the instance.

If you are still seeing an old document (uploaded before 1802 release) with weird characters, download the document (resume/cover Letter) and upload it again. This action will trigger the conversion again and the document will be converted by the new solution.

If after this action the document still has some problematic characters, it means the document was created using a not supported font style. For this type of case, the document will need to be downloaded and read using a document reader installed on the user's computer.

NOTE: The 4% of failure on the conversion of the resumes also applies to when the recruiters do the following:

  1. Select more than 1 candidate;
  2. Click on Action -> View Resumes;
  3. Click on the diskette above Resume Inline Viewer > Save All Resumes;
  4. Gets an error.

This happens because there's an error on the conversion to Resume Inline Viewer of at least one candidate. When you do the action above, the file the system tries to download is a zip file containing the PDF version of the resumes attached by those candidates. Since there's an error on the conversion to PDF of at least one resume, you can't download the zip file that should've been created through this action.


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