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2646175 - Automatic Clearing of Invoices With Manage Incoming Checks Web Service


How to use the web service interface Manage Incoming Cheque In (operation Maintain incoming checks) to create incoming checks with reference to invoices and therefore enable automatic clearing of both.


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The invoice(s) to be cleared should be specified on tag <Note languageCode="EN"><Note> in the XML request, which represents the Memo Line for the Incoming Check.

Either the Invoice ID(s) or the External Reference ID(s) can be specified, in case they differ.

For example:

<n0:IncomingChequeBundleMaintain xmlns:n0="">
<IncomingCheque ActionCode="01">
<PayerBusinessPartnerInternalID>CP345678 </PayerBusinessPartnerInternalID>
<PaymentAmount currencyCode="USD">200</PaymentAmount>
<Note languageCode="EN">1FC-500, 1FC-501</Note>

In the above example, an incoming check of 200.00 USD is being created to clear invoices 1FC-500 and 1FC-501 (for example, each invoice is for 100.00 USD).

Remark: the automatic clearing of the open items (invoices) will only happen if you define a Rule for Analyzing Memo Line, in Global Settings for Payment Business Configuration activity.

Considering the example above, a rule of type Open Receivable Document ID should be created, with Rule Definition Mode Search Term and Prefix for ID Completion "1FC-". The Search Term Suffix Maximum Length should be 3.

In this way, 1FC-500 and 1FC-501 will be read as open receivable items.

See Also

For further information, please refer to:

  1. Manage Incoming Checks Web Service Documentation.
  2. Creation of Memo Line Analysis Rules for Common Use Cases help document, available in the Help Center.


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