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2649816 - CompoundEmployee API Delta Transmission


Delta Transmission - Overview

Employee Central’s Compound Employee API offers two different kinds of delta transmission:

  • Effective-dated delta transmission
  • Period-based delta transmission

Effective-dated delta transmission is designed for consumers that work in an effective-dated manner. This means, it is assumed that consumers store the time frame (start and end date) when a data record is effective. Deltas are communicated with regard to the time frames that have been transmitted in the last replication.

In contrast to this, period-based delta transmission is intended for consumers that are not able to deal with effective-dated objects. Deltas contain retro-active changes and effective-dated objects that are relevant for the given period.
Non-effective dated objects are returned in both kinds of delta transmission, if these are changed after the last replication.

Note: Delta transmission is based on active auditing to determine the historical data set of employees, which means that auditing must be switched on during the system setup phase prior to the initial load of employees into the system.


  • SuccessFactors
  • Compound Employee API


Delta transmission needs to be enabled and always requires a date/time indication for the last synchronization as a part of theWhere clause when calling the Compound Employee API. Adding toDate and fromDate filter transforms a query mode "delta" query to a query mode "period delta.


  FROM CompoundEmployee
  WHERE ( last_modified_on > to_datetime(LastModifiedDate))

For both delta transmission modes, the query parameter queryMode and value delta or periodDelta needs to be passed to run the API in delta transmission mode.


To indicate the period for the period-based delta transmission, the parameter couple “fromDate … toDate” is required as part of the “Where” clause together with the “last_modified_on” date when calling the API. This period couple parameter needs to be passed with an “AND” operator in “Where” clause. From a selection point of view,
employees need to match either the “last_modified_on” or the period criterion in order to get selected.

   FROM CompoundEmployee
   WHERE ( last_modified_on > to_datetime(LastModifiedDate)
      AND fromDate = to_date(FromDate,'YYYY-MM-DD')
      AND toDate = to_date(ToDate,'YYYY-MM-DD') )

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Check the Query Response for Effective-Dated and Period-Based Delta Transmission topic on Compound Employee guide which has a very good explanation and demonstration of how the query and its response will behave.

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