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2651014 - Common errors with charts / tables in SAP Analytics Cloud *** Troubleshooting KBA ***


You experience issues using charts / tables within a story in SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC). This guide will help you identify possible root causes.

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Simplifying the chart (or table)  is the best way to identify the root cause. Below are some steps/actions to try:

  • Create a Table widget alongside the Chart using the exact same model, linked dimensions and structure as the Chart and verify if the values are refreshed.
  • Explore the measures directly using the Data View to avoid interference of filters and other specific chart features.
    Quick Win: Use the Controls tab to identify which story, page or widget filters are active.
  • Copy the chart to a new canvas page (tab) and try to remove as much as you can the measures, dimensions and active filters.
  • Use the examine feature to see the underlying data of a chart or table. See Examining a Chart or Table for more information.
  • Review Common Chart Errors.

Error Message: Unable to retrieve data from the datasource

Cause: This message is likely due to a problem with the underlying model(s) used in the story.


  • If you have multiple models, test one by one using the Data View option.
  • If you are using Live models, verify that the connection to the data source works as expected.

Error Message: Unable to render chart. Please contact your Administrator

Cause: This message is displayed when the chart encounters an unexpected exception during rendering.


It is likely that you need to open an incident with Product Support.
To speed up troubleshooting, capture the following information using Chrome Developer tools (F12 or CTRL+Shift+I using your keyboard):
  1. With Chrome Developer tools open, attempt to refresh the specific chart that fails.
  2. Expand the error being thrown and capture the entire stack trace.
  3. Attach these traces to the Product Support incident along with any data on the structure/formatting settings of the chart.

Problem: Chart data is different than before

Cause: This behavior could be due to a multitude of reasons, but it's highly likely a component at a lower level (InA provider) has changed and now returns different data:

  • Start with the first steps to troubleshoot.
  • Identify if the artifact consumed has changed: Calculation View, CDS view, etc.
  • Compare the data retrieved using other tools if possible: HANA Design studio, Lumira, etc.

Problem: Chart shows an error message until I refresh it

Cause: The story was likely saved when the chart was in an error state.


  • Refresh the story.
  • Verify that all widgets are no longer in an error state.
  • Re-save the story.

Collecting information if you need to open an incident with Product Support

Cause: You have examined all the previous options but could not identify a cause. You need to open an incident with Product Support as indicated in KBA 2487011.

Steps to collect all the information:

  1. Open Chrome Developer tools and go to network tab and check the boxes: disable cache and preserve logs.
  2. Reproduce the behavior opening the problematic chart.
  3. Stop the capture pressing the red button on the top left of Chrome Developer tools.
  4. Right click any of the network calls and select: save HAR with content.
  5. Attach that file with the description of the problem.
  • For complete description with screenshots, see KBA 2280022.

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