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2651187 - New job board integration - Recruiting Posting


  • Recruiting Posting user with granted access to the Job Board Marketplace cannot find and add a job board.
  • How to integrate a new job board to Recruiting Posting interface
  • How to suggest a job board through the Job Board Marketplace
  • I cannot find a job board in Job Board Marketplace
  • How to submit a new job board integration suggestion via the Job Board Marketplace ?


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What is a job board integration?

A job board integration is the set-up of a technical bridge between a job board and SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting Posting. A job board integration is not a service but a product enhancement which enters the Recruiting Posting roadmaps.  Therefore, each integration is unique and requires Product Managers to specify this technical development with the job board. An integration suggestion contributes to improve the job posting tool as a whole.

The job board has to provide the Product Team with a clear documentation and be available to answer technical questions; it is possible that an integration is delayed or refused for several reasons:

  • the job board is not able to integrate with us for technical reasons  
  • the job board refused the integration 
  • the job board has not answered our messages after several attempts  
  • the job board does not meet SAP's strategy or other customers’ requests. 

In case of the job board integration is accepted by the job board:  the job board Integration must be estimated by our Product Managers then prioritized in Recruiting Posting roadmaps based on SAP's strategy and other customer requests.

Please note that roadmaps are current states of planning, can be changed anytime without notice and don't serve as commitment for feasibility or deadline. This means that we cannot commit on any deadline and the feasibility of the suggested integration.

How to add a new job board within the Recruiting Posting job boards catalog?

If a job board is not available in Job Board Marketplace that means that it is not integrated within the Recruiting Posting job boards catalog yet.


  • You have checked the Job Board Marketplace and the Excel Catalog on Customers Community, and the desired job board is not listed
  • You have a valid contract with the job board, if the job board requires a subscription or fee
  • You have your Recruiting Posting production account set up, as no job board integration suggestion submitted via the staging (preview) account can be taken into consideration.

Note, you should not exceed 10 suggestions in one calendar year.

Integration process

  1. Prior to request a new job board integration, please make sure that you have signed a contract / agreement with the job board, and they are aware that will be contacted by SAP SuccessFactors. Thus, you are able to provide the following details:

    • Job board name
    • Country (only one country can be selected, if you request a job board for several countries, one integration request per country for the same job board needs to be raised)
    • Job board URL
    • Job board contact e-mail
    • Your business e-mail address
    • Whether you have a contract with this job board

  2. Suggest an integration request via the Job Board Market Place as per SAP Knowledge Based Article 2719508.

    Settings > Job Board MarketPlace > Suggest a new job board > Read and validate terms and click Next > Provide requested integration details and click Submit
    Important Note : After the submission, no automatic notification will be sent to confirm that the request was received.
  3. The new job board integration suggestion will be transmitted to Recruiting Posting Product team, who will reach out to the job board and initiate the job board integration process.
    Important: Due to resource constraints, new job board integration suggestions will be received and stored. However, 3 different customers would have to recommend the same job board for this suggestion to be treated by the Product team.

  4. Recruiting Posting Product team sends first e-mail to the customers to confirm that the request is received only once the 3 different requests are submitted. Second e-mail will be sent to confirm that the job board integration could be scheduled to Product roadmap.
    Once the job board is integrated, you will be informed by a third e-mail that the new job board is available in Job Board Market Place. There won't be any communication in between. You can then set up the new job board on your interface.

Even if the new job board suggestion cannot be submitted in the staging environment, Recruiting Posting Product Team is regularly replicating job boards from Production to Staging environment, in order to make them available in both once the integration finalized.

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