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2651405 - How to enter values when using "Paste from Clipboard" and "Paste from File" functionalities


You want to paste members from clipboard (1) or from a file (2) when filtering data by members of a dimension in Analysis for Office.



SAP Analysis for Microsoft Office


Besides "Individual Selection" and "Range Selection", you can enter members and their operators from a file or from clipboard. In this case, instead of selecting the operator in the "Range Selection" screen, for both Paste from File and Paste from Clipboard options, you need to enter the operator along with the values description.

Example #1:

You want to filter by member that are "Not Equal to" the two values "valABC" and "valDEF" in a file. The file should contain the below:



Select the dimension, click Filter By Member, click "Paste from File" and insert the file path.

Example #2:

You can enter the members from the file mentioned above just by selecting the values and copying them to the clipboard. Then, select the dimension, click Filter By Member and then click "Paste from Clipboard".

Note: The usage of character "*" does not create a condition of "start with", "end with" or "contains". 
For example, including member "valAB*" will not filter all members starting with "valAB" when using the "Paste from Clipboard" or "Paste from File" functionalities.

See chapter "To filter data by member", item 5 in the User Guide.


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