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2651521 - Sorting Of Line Items In Customer Invoices From Multiple Invoice Requests


When invoicing multiple invoice requests, there is no option to change the sorting of line items.


SAP Business ByDesign

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to the Customer Invoicing workcenter.
  2. Select the Invoice Request view.
  3. Select multiple invoice requests that you want to invoice together.
  4. Create a customer invoice.

The line items from the invoice are not sorted as you expect.


Business ByDesign uses four conditions for sorting line items and sorts them as follows:

  • Comparison for invoice and credit memo item if scoped:
    1. Invoice line item.
    2. Credit memo line item.
  • Ascending order for the invoice request ID:
    1. Invoice request ABC (ABC represents ID of an invoice request).
    2. Invoice request DEF (DEF represents ID of an invoice request).
  • Invoice request type in this order:
    1. Sales order invoice request.
    2. Service order invoice request.
    3. Service confirmation invoice request.
    4. Outbound delivery invoice request.
    5. Customer project invoice request.
    6. Customer contract invoice request.
    7. Manual invoice request.
    8. Manual credit memo request.
    9. Down payment invoice request.
    10. Correction invoice request.
    11. Scheduled invoice request.
    12. External customer invoice request.
    13. Rebate credit memo request.
  • Line item on invoice request in ascending order:
    1. Invoice request line item GHI (GHI represents ID of an invoice request line item).
    2. Invoice request line item JKL (JKL represents ID of an invoice request line item).


If you invoice a sales order invoice request with ID XYZ (XYZ represents sales order invoice request ID) and a service order invoice request with ID XYZ, you will receive the following application of logic:

  1. There are only invoice items.
  2. There is a comparison of ID - in this case both have the ID XYZ.
  3. Sales order invoice requests are chosen before service order invoice requests.
  4. In this case, the line items from the sales order are listed before the items from the service order in the invoice.

This is the expected system behavior.

A manual adjustment of the sorting is currently not available.


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