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2657176 - Incorrect Planned and Requested Quantities of Input Product in Production Orders


You have created a Production Order PRO (PRO represents the Production Order ID) which contained an Input Product INP (INP represents the Input Product ID) with different UoMs. You have also maintained the correct Quantity Q of the Input Product INP required to produce the Quantity X of the Output Product OUP (OUP represents the Output Product ID) in the corresponding Production Model PMM (PMM represents the Production Model ID). However, when you are confirming the Make Task TSK (TSK represents the Make Task ID), you find that the system is showing Planned Quantity P of the Input Product INP which is a multiple of the expected Quantity Y.


SAP Business ByDesign.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Navigate to the Production Control work center.
  2. Go to the Production Orders view, and select By Order Header.
  3. Find and select the Production Order PRO.
  4. Click the Edit button.
  5. Go to the Order Structure tab, and Expand All.
  6. You can see in the Supply Activity for the Product INP the Planned Quantity is X (the Quantity is displayed in the Planning UoM).
  7. If you scroll down to the Make Activity for the same Product, you can see the Planned Quantity is P instead, but you expected Y (the Quantity is displayed in the Base UoM).
  8. Since you have maintained Quantity Conversion, you expect the system to propose the correct Planned Quantity.


You have maintained in the Material Master of the Input Product INP a base Unit of Measure (UoM) 'Meter' and the Planning unit of Measure 'Each'. Even though you have also maintained Quantity Conversion between these Units, but you have maintained for the UoM zero Decimal Places. Since Planning always does upper rounding, hence anything with decimals places is rounded up to a whole number. This is why, in this case the Quantity X is rounded up also to a whole number.


  1. Navigate to the Business Configuration work center.
  2. Go to the Overview view.
  3. Find and select the Activity 'Quantities and Units of measure'.
  4. Click on 'Change Immediately'. 
  5. Click on 'Create and Maintain trading units'.
  6. Select the Unit of measure 'Each'.
  7. You can see under the column 'Display Decimals' that the value maintained is zero.
  8. Change this according to your needs and save your changes. 
  9. If you maintain decimals, the system does upper rounding based on decimals setting. Pleate note that only a Maximum of 3 decimal upper rounding is allowed.

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