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2660325 - How to enable and disable Proxy Now


  • How to enable Proxy Now in the dropdown?
  • How to disable Proxy Now?
  • How to use Proxy Now?
  • Users are not able to use the Proxy feature;

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  • Enable Advanced Proxy Management (Proxy Now and Proxy Import) in unchecked
  • There is no Existing proxy assignment on the user 


  • pre-requesite: Company Info Access and User Search permission 
  1. Admin Center > Manage Permission Roles > Choose the permission role from your environment or create a new one;
  2. Permission... > Select General User Permission > Enable the permissions:
    1. Company Info Access;
    2. User Search;
  • How to enable Proxy Now in the dropdown?
  1. Navigate to Admin Center;
  2. Go to Proxy Management;
  3. Select "Enable Advanced Proxy Management (Proxy Now and Proxy Import)" > Save Proxy Settigns;
  4. Perform a logout and login to clean cache browser;
  5. Go to the username, click the dropdown
  6. Proxy should appear

  • How to disable Proxy Now?

If you do not want the Proxy button to show for users via "Options > Proxy", then you can disable it on

  1. Admin Center > Company System and Logo Settings;
  2. Enable the option Disable Proxy access for users without Proxy rights > Save.
  • How to use Proxy Now?

Once Proxy has been assigned, below are the steps the user will need to take in order to act as Proxy for another user:


Note: Admins will now potentially see 2 new links at the top of the page by their name: Proxy Now, which lets the Admin act as a Proxy, and Become Self, which only displays when the Admin is acting as a Proxy to let them return to their own account.

  1. Admin user can click "Proxy Now" and search for the user whose account they want to access;
  2. The page will list everyone the Admin is eligible to manage even if they haven't manually been assigned to each person.
    Note: Previously, the list only showed the users that the Admin were explicitly assigned to.
    Note: In proxy search, the result is restricted to 30 names. If the user is not showing up in this search, the workaround is to search by username. 
  3. Select the name and click OK and the system takes the Admin to the user's account;
  4. When the Admin is finished and wants to access another user's account, the Admin can click Proxy Now again and select a different name. This way, the Admin can move from account to account without having to go back to their own account each time.
  5. When the Admin is ready to return to their own account, they can click the Become Self link.

Additionally, Admins can also see the Proxy Now link on people's Quick Card profiles. Clicking the link will give them access to the account.

  • Users are not able to use the Proxy feature;

If you are still not seeing the Proxy Now button, it means that there is no Existing Proxy Assignment on the user.

For Proxy now to appear, assign proxy rights for atleast one user via Proxy Management or Proxy Import.

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