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2667899 - Sort Order field in Pay Component Group


A field named "Sort Order" that isn't configured on your Corporate data model is showing up for Pay Component Groups configured on your instancem you wanted to know what the purpose for this field is:

Sort Order 1.png


Employee Central v2.0

Reproducing the Issue

1. Navigate to Manage Organization, Pay and Job Structures

2. Select Pay Component Group

3. Select one configured Pay Component Group from your instance

4. Check the field labeled as "Sort Order"


An enhancement from b1408 release included the ability to sort Pay Component Groups in Compensation information portlet (v12) / Compensation information section (People Profile).


Before, there's no way to get the pay component groups to show up in a specific order. The ordering was not consistent every time and adding a new pay component group would shown them some times at the last.

After the enhancement post b1408, a new field, “sortOrder” in payComponentGroup element has been introduced.


*The sortOrder doesn't need to be configured on your corporate data model under payComponentGroup.

*This new field, by default will appear in Foundation object UI for Pay Component Group with an initial value of null/empty.

*It is a number field, and will not allow to enter a non-numeric value from UI. *This field will appear in import template as well.

Ordering of the Pay Component Groups in compensation portlet is as below:

  1. Value for sortOrder decides the order of PCGs in ascending order.
  2. If two PCGs have same value for sortOrder, they are again ordered in alphabetical order.
  3. If few PCGs do not have value for sort-order, they will appear after other PCGs which have value for this field, and then these will be ordered alphabetically.
  4. While ordering PCGs by name, it will respect the locale of the logged in user.

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