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2667932 - Frequently Asked Questions on Data Extraction in SAP Business ByDesign System


Below are some frequently asked questions regarding Data Extraction in SAP Business ByDesign system.


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Note: You can request the customer to share their sharepoint location to upload the extracted files for attachment data extraction requests.

1. Are all the data objects in system available for data extraction?

Only the data objects which are enabled and used in your system tenant are available for data extraction.


2. What are the different status available in Data Extraction Run?

The different status available in Data Extraction Runs are In Preparation, In Process and Finished.


3. After creating a new data extraction run, is it possible to delete it?

No, it is not possible to delete the data extraction run once it is created.


4. If the data extraction run fails, is it possible to edit and execute again?

No, if the data extraction run fails, you cannot edit it, change the package size and re-execute it. You have to re-create the entire extraction criteria again.


5. If the data extraction is made obsolete, can it be edited and activated?

No, if you make an extraction obsolete, it cannot be edited and activated.


6. Is it possible to hide the obsolete runs from displaying in the list?

No, it is not possible to hide the obsolete runs from displaying in the list.


7. Where can you see the Data Extraction Run?

The Data Extraction Run will be available in the Data Extraction view. Show All Data Extractions and Group by None. You may sort the column Start Time in descending order, so that the current run is on the top of the list.


8. Is attachments extraction possible using Data Extraction tool?

The Data Extraction tool does not include extracting attachments and output management files for example Invoice documents. Only SAP can start the extraction of attachments and output management files. The extraction takes place in the background to prevent time-out issues. Create an incident from your tenant to request for extracting the attachments and output management files.

Additionally, due to the server resources needed to perform the extraction of attachments, this process is performed by our hosting operations team, which is responsible for the system infrastructure. This is done through an automated report which fetches all files in the storage server, and does not support filtering or any type of restriction to select the data.

Note: Such process might take a few weeks as this process is performed manually by the operations team and, it will depend on the amount of attachments available in the system.

9. How do you monitor the progress of the Data Extraction Run?

The column Status and the package counters like Packages in Process, Finished Packages, Failed Packages help you to monitor the progress of your run. Use the Refresh icon at the top right corner of the screen to understand the progress of the run.

10. How do we download the files extracted using Data Extraction?

Once the data extraction run successfully comes to an end with status Finished and package counter greater than zero in column Finished Packages, select the line entry in the list. At the bottom of the screen, the tab Extraction Files provides the file or list of files in case you used packaging.
When selecting the line entry in the list, do not click on the Run ID, as this will bring a detailed view of the run parameters but not to the extracted files.

11. How can you download the extracted file?

Once the run is completed, at the bottom of the screen, in the tab Extraction Files, select a file in the file list and choose the button Download File to save the file on your system.


12. When the Data Extraction Run is not successful, where do you see the error logs?

Once the run is completed, at the bottom of the screen, view the Application Log tab. Select the Application Log ID and view the Results tab for error logs.


13. When the data extraction run is initiated, where do we see the respective background jobs in system?

When the data extraction run is initiated, you will be able to see the respective background jobs in the view Background Jobs in Application and User Management work center.


14. How do you stop the run which is in status In Process for many days?

It is not possible to stop the run which is in Process. In case the status of the run remains as In Process for many days, report an incident to SAP for analysis.


15. In Data Extraction, do we have the selection criteria for Status of Open Goods Receipts?

No, the Data Extraction object OPEN_GOODS_RECEIPT - Open Goods Receipts does not filter based on status, but displays all the Goods Receipts in system. The same is also valid for object SALES_ORDERS - Open Sales Orders.


16. In Data Extraction, do we have the selection criteria for Key Date for Inventory?

No, the Data Extraction object INVENTORY – Inventory does not have the Key Date as selection parameter as we do not have anything like System Administration Datetime in Inventory.


17. Is there an approach to extract data using standard reporting in system?

Nearly all available work centers in SAP Business ByDesign offer the possibility to execute reports with various selection and filter criteria. The result of these reports can be extracted into files in various formats, for example: spreadsheet or XML format. Users can construct the structure of the data to the company’s needs via the reporting capabilities of the solution.


18. How do you perform the extraction run for financial data?

Using the work center General Ledger, users can extract certain legal financial data needed for legal reporting and auditing, via the Extraction Run for financial data.


19. Extracted files are available in which file format?

Data extraction tool enables you to download your data in XML format and ZIP format.

Once you save the XML file, if you face issues while opening the extracted file in XML format, change the suffix to .zip of the downloaded file prior to opening it. You will be able to open the files without problems.


20. Is it possible to use the extracted file for migration in migration tool?

The downloaded files have the same format as the related migration templates. Therefore, they can directly be used for migrating the data to a new SAP Business ByDesign system.


21. Is it possible to delete the extracted files?

You can choose to download the extracted files using the Download button or delete the extracted files using the Delete File button.


22. Is there a package size limit defined for the Data Extraction?

It is not possible to give a guidance for the optimal package size, as this depends on your data structure for the various data objects. In case you face issues with the download of the files, you should try to run the data extraction with a smaller package size.


23. What are the Objects available for Data Extraction feature in Application and User Management?

Below are the objects for which Data Extraction feature is available.

ACCT_PAY_LEDGR_AC - Account Determination Groups Payable
ACTIVITY_EMAIL - E-Mail Activities
ACTIVITY_FAX - Fax Activities
ACTIVITY_LETTER - Letter Activities
ACTIVITY_PHONE - Phone Call Activities - obsolete
ACTIVITY_TASK - Task Activities
ACTIVTIY_APPOINTMENT - Appointment Activities
BILL_OF_EXCH_PAY - Bills of Exchange Payables
BILL_OF_EXCH_REC - Bills of Exchange Receivables
BUSINESS_PARTNER - Business Partners
CAMPAIGN - Campaign
CONTAC_PRIV_ADDRESS - Personal Addresses for Contacts
CUSTOMER_CONTRACTS - Open Customer Contracts
CUSTOMER_HIER - Customer Hierarchies
CUSTOMERS - Customers
EMPL_REPL_CPL - Employee Complete Data
EMPL_REPL_FND - Employee Snapshot-Based Data
EMPLOYEE - Employee Data
EMPLOYEE_CH - Employee Data - Switzerland
EMPLOYEE_JP - Employee Data - Japan
ENGINEERING_CHG_ORD - Engineering Change Orders
ENTIT_PROD_VALUATION - Entitlement Valuation Data
ENTITLEMENT - Entitlements
EQUIPMENT_RESOURCE - Equipment Resources
FIXED_ASSETS_XL - Fixed Assets (extended)
IDENTIFIEDSTOCK - Identified Stock
INVENTORY - Inventory
JOB - Job Definitions
KIT_ITEM_LIST - Kit Item List
KNOWLEDGE_BASE - Knowledge Base
L0_TRANSPORT_LANE - Transport Lanes
L0_TRANSPORT_ZONE - Transport Zones
LABOR_RESOURCES - Labor Resources
LEADS - Sales Leads
LOCATION_LOA - Location & Logistic Area
LOGISTICS_UNITS - Logistics Units
MATERIAL - Materials
MATERIAL_VALUATION - Material Valuation Data
OPEN_GOODS_RECEIPT - Open Goods Receipts
OPEN_OUTGOING_CHEQUE - Open Outgoing Checks
OPPORTUNITIES - Opportunities
ORG_CENTER - Organizational Structure
PAYR_MASTER_DE - Payroll Data - Germany
PAYR_MASTER_US - Payroll Data - US
PAYROLL_MASTER_INTL - Payroll Data - International
PERSONNEL_ADMIN - Personnel Administration Data
PROD_BILL_OF_MAT - Bills of Material
PROD_BILL_OF_OPERATN - Bills of Operations
PROD_MODEL - Production Models
PRODUCT_CATEGORY - Product Category Hierarchy
PRODUCT_SPECIFIC - Product Specifications
PROJECTS - Projects
PURCHASEORDER - Purchase Orders
PURCHASINGCONTRACTS - Purchasing Contracts
QUOTE_FOR_CONTRACT - Quote for Contract
REGISTERED_PROD - Registered Products
RELATIONSHIP_BP - Business Partner Relationships
RESPONSIBILITIES - Responsibilities
SALES_ORDERS - Open Sales Orders
SALES_QUOTE - Sales Quotes
SERV_PROD_VALUATION - Service Valuation Data
SERVICE_AGENT - Service Agents
SERVICE_ORDER - Service Orders
SERVICE_QUOTE - Service Quote
SERVICE_REQUEST - Service Requests
SUPPLIER - Suppliers
TARGET_GROUP - Business Partners
WARRANTY - Warranties

For objects for which Data Extraction is not available you should use the standard reporting functionality to extract the data to an excel file.

24. How to configure the Data Extraction Tool in ByDesign System?

You can follow the steps below to configure Data Extraction Tool in ByDesign System:

  1. Go to Business Configuration work center.
  2. Select Implementation Project.
  3. Edit Project Scope.
  4. Go to Questions Section.
  5. Select Built-in Services and Support.
  6. Expand Business Configuration.
  7. Select Data Migration.
  8. Scope Question: "Do you want to use the Data Extraction Work Center View"?

To assign the Data Extraction view to your user, refer KBA:

2473303 - How to Enable and Use the Data Extraction Tool in SAP Business ByDesign

25. How do we set upper and lower boundaries in Selection Criteria section to make sure that all data is extracted?

To obtain the full content of the business object, follow the below workaround.

Click Add Row in the Selection Criteria section and set the parameters as such:

Inclusion/Exclusion: Inclusion

Operator: Equal To

Lower Boundary: *

Upper boundary:

Click Activate and Run.

26. How to extract the Attachment of the master data of Business Partners/Suppliers/Accounts or Contacts?

It is not possible to extract the Attachments of the master data of Suppliers/Accounts or Contacts individually. Instead you need to extract the entire Business Partners data (BO: BUSINESS_PARTNER) and differentiate the supplier attachment

27. How many days tenant will be accessible after the end of contract?

Let's say contract end date is on 30th May, tenant will be accessible to customer until 30th June, from 1st of July tenant will not be accessible anymore to customers.

After contract end date, Tenants will be set to permanently deleted after 60 days, for example 1st of Aug.


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