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2668004 - BizX to LMS User Connector - SF Troubleshooting




Troubleshooting LMS results from BizX export using the User Connector - SF  common reasons:

  • User not in LMS
  • User fields/status not correct in LMS
  • User inappropriately in LMS
  • Other errors seen in Connector Log


  • SAP SuccessFactors Learning
  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite


    • No BizX exported file
    • Product update/releases/patches/maintenance
    • Incorrect BizX connector export settings
    • Other environments LMS imports or BizX exports
    • Time delays or overlaps
    • Incorrect LMS connector import settings
    • LMS admin connector workflows/role
    • SFTP failure

  • User Not in file
    • Target Audience or RBP

  • Incorrect status in file
    • Listed multiple times
    • UserID mismatch
    • Incorrect mapping rules
    • File being created by another BizX instance than the one integrated with LMS. (Could be caused by a refresh or a job that was copied without changing file location/name)


Always ensure connector logs are enabled to help identify the causes as above and you can review any errors or results from the System Admin > Connectors firstly.  The LMS System Admin > Configuration > Connector Settings > Enable input file archive (recommended 6-12 months) is recommended to review the content of the BizX export that was used for the LMS connector import. Once this is done, the BizX export can be retireved via the "Show Archived Input File" button that will be visible (System Admin > Connectors > user Connector - SF) and the archived files can be downloaded for troubleshooting.  Having a copy of this file for BizX support troubleshooting as needed will expedite resolution.  You can also use the UserSummaryDataAudit Report in LMS to confirm if any manual LMS changes were made in addition to connector changes.

The BizX export is one of four jobs in provisioning: Employee Export (relates to the LMS user_data file to import), Live Profile Export (relates to user_extended_data), and delta versions of each.
For more info, see KBA 2101225 - Delta Export Jobs - SuccessFactors

SFTP: if the SFTP login username matched your LMS tenantID then it is a LMS provisioned SFTP and if it is your companyID then it is a BizX SFTP.  Either will work, but knowing which may prevent confusion as each integrated system may have up to three FTP locations (1. BizX tenant SFTP, 2. LMS iContent SFTP, & 3. LMS tenant SFTP).

File not processed

  • No BizX exported file
    • Check the BizX job status - your partner with access to provisioning can check this or you can reach out to your CSM or Account Executive to check. Occasionally the job is not reenabled after a BizX refresh, respond/update your current BizX refresh incident or submit to Platform team to check in LOD-SF-PLT-JOBS.
    • Most BizX Export jobs email when complete, check your SFTP location at the time of export to ensure the file is being placed there.
  • Product update/releases/patches/maintenance
    • SF jobs will run on the following Next Day schedule, but you can trigger manually as needed. (BizX Admin Center employees export then manually place in SFTP and in LMS connectors change the schedule to 5min from current to execute then change back to orIginal schedule)
  • Incorrect BizX export job settings
    • Your partner with access to provisioning can check these settings or you can reach out to your CSM or Account Executive to check.  Alternatively you can submit an incident to Platform team (LOD-SF-PLT-JOBS) to check SFTP URL, SFTP username, if set to recurring, datetime, PGP enabled, SFTP directory (folder location), & filename.
  • Other environments LMS imports or BizX exports
    • Check your other environments or with your CSM or Account Executive for other subsidiary environments that may have the same LMS connector settings.
    • Often times after an LMS Refresh when the pre- & post- LMS Refresh steps are not taken the Target LMS will import the file instead of the intended with both environments having the same settings often sporadic results are seen.
      • If another BizX environment exports to the same location with same filename or same BizX environment even multiple times, LMS will only pick up the latest version leaving the older version that may be picked up with another LMS run within the same day.  You can confirm by logging into the SFTP at the time of import. Check all your BizX environments export job details.
  • Time delays or overlaps
    • If a BizX export is delayed for any reason including a BizX import dependency from HR system, the LMS will not import it at scheduled run.
  • Incorrect LMS connector import settings
    • Ensure both the User- SF connector and User connector are not running during conflicting schedules and if required, see KBA 2074298 - Changing the file location of a connector to setup these to be able to run concurrently.
    • Go to LMS System Admin > Configuration > System Configuration > Connectors > Some of the below common settings may affect the import, but all should be reviewed:
      • connector.input.file.location=FTP  && connector.ftp.input.remoteDirectory= (basic SFTP info)
      • connector.input.file.fetch.retry.enable= (optionally set to true to resolve most network issues, but depends on multiple BizX Exports & LMS imports for the same schedule)
      • && (will need to equal the BizX export setting filename)
      • connector.ftp.protocol=sftp && connector.ftp.server=  connector.ftp.port=22 connector.ftp.userID= (will need to equal the BizX export settings)
      • connector.ftp.password= (note this displays a hashed value and needs to be re-entered as it cannot be copied for any changes)
      • connector.pgp.enabled= && connector.pgp.file.extension=  (only used if enabled on the BizX export)
  • LMS admin connector workflows/role
    • Especially when using a custom copy of system default role, you may see the connector workflows/roles removed.
      • Note the default ALL role by default does not have connector workflows.
  • SFTP failure
    • If you cannot login to your SFTP location, submit an incident to the respective component where your SFTP was provisioned.

User Not in file

  • Target Audience or RBP
    • Ensure the BizX ID that is used for the export has proper target audience or RBP to include the User(s).  Check with partner, CSM or Account Executive or submit incident with Platform team to check. *HINT the job completion email may indicate the job owner.

Incorrect status in file

  • Listed multiple times
    • Check the connector archive file to see if the User is listed multiple times by either name, username, and UserID (note this is often occurring when listed as both active and inactive so sorting may not show immediately, check file thoroughly with search fields not sorting)
  • UserID mismatch
    • LMS uses the BizX UserID (not necessarily the same as the username which can be seen in the export file) to map to the corresponding LMS UserID.
    • Often LMS adminIDs can match LMS UserIDs, but LMS adminIDs are not updated with SF User connector, but in LMS if they are associated (relatable) may cause the LMS admin issues.
  • Incorrect mapping rules
    • With complications of transformations, copy, and other mapping rules that can be customized, ALWAYS ensure connector file is copied to another text file for backup before making any changes and test in staging, preprod or sandbox before Production. 
    • If requiring both the user_data and user_extended data file when both export files are not present at time of import and advanced mapping rules sometimes requires this dependency will cause user data discrepancy.
  • File being created by another BizX instance than the one integrated with LMS
    • Need to check on BizX provisioning, if there is not another customer instance sending a file with same name and location than the one that is consumed by the connector. 
    • If needed, Platform support team can be engaged by raising an incident to LOD-SF-PLT.
  • Verify any LMS admin changes via the connector change with the UserSummaryDataAudit report

We do not recommend that customers deploy connectors on their own. Instead, we recommend that you work with a certified SAP SuccessFactors Learning to understand your business case and then build and test a solution for your business case.
Learning connectors can import thousands of records in the system, so we highly recommend that you engage with our Professional Services organization or a certified Learning implementation partner before you attempt to use or change connectors or any data import, especially in a production environment.
You may attempt to implement connectors on your own but in doing so, you assume full responsibility for your actions. While we provide safeguards when able, it is possible to load thousands of erroneous data in the system and end up incurring significant costs to correct them. Operational interruptions may be caused by having incorrect completion data; causing severe impact in regulated trades and industries. As with any other opt-in feature, we highly recommend that you do thorough testing before turning connectors on.

See our Help Guide for more info on troubleshooting connectors on the SAP Help Portal

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