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2668283 - Video and other Media File loads slower - [LMS]


When users try to launch courses that has videos, they keep buffering for a long time/take too much time to load


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There are multiple factors that determines how a file is handled on a browser like bandwidth of the user's connection, type of the file and how it is built, infrastructure of the file storage, enhancement options (like Akamai).


1) SAP LMS system is not like any video streaming service vendors and the functionality is limited when it comes to media files and it depends on other parameters (like listed below)

2) If the file is huge in size (like 50 MB or more) or a single huge content, the way how it buffers and plays, differs based on the user's internet speed, browsers's capabilities (as the browser provides the player to play the video unlike the streaming sites where they have their own players that is optimized for performance).

3) There is something called Metadata in the MP4 (and other video file formats) file and it is recommended to have that metadata at the beginning of the video file and not anywhere else as the browser looks for the metadata and then loads the file giving you the illusion that it is taking forever to load the file initially. This can be fixed only by the person/team who published the video file and SAP cannot help with you as this is a general practice with video and is not anything related to LMS or content.

4) You could either convert the video to lesser size with video converters without losing the quality much or break this into multiple parts as multiple content objects or do both (doing both is recommended) and associate them to the item

5) The best way is to build this as SCORM if you do not want to do the above with the help of content developer keeping in mind about the performance. Please note that in all of the cases above, the solution has to be done at your side and SAP doesnt have any control on them and is out of our scope

6) You could check if you have akamai enabled (check KBA-2302875) and if not, please request us to have Akamai enabled for your LMS instances. Enabling this is not going to drastically increase the performance of the huge video files but it is better to have Akamai for lesser file size and other web files and on huge files, only the suggestions provided above will help you.

NOTE : Akamai confirmed that any files larger than 1800 MB will not be cached (irrespective of the file types) under any case and might give you "Sorry. Your request has been denied." message when launched even when it is in the correct iContent path.


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