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2670250 - OData Operations and Purge Types For Inbound Integrations


OData API is a standardized protocol for accessing databases that contain entities within its metadata. OData protocol allows the service provider such as SAP SuccessFactors HCM Suite, decide which operations is supported and that may vary based on entity.


Upserts is an OData service operation that takes an array of entities as the request. The server updates the entity for which external ID already exists. A new entity is inserted if external one doesn't exist. There are two types of Upsert parameters that is supported:


  • Successfactors
  • Integration Center


OData Operations Supported by Inbound Integrations

  • Create/Post(POST) - Creates a new record and returns generated keys within the response.
  • Update/Merge(MERGE) - This operation can either replace existing data or merge existing data with new data. For inbound integrations, only fields that have been provided is updated. 
  • Update/Put(PUT) - Replaces your records so that your existing property entity values receives the new information. 

Supported Upserts

  • Upsert Multiple(UPSERT) - An upsert operation that uses external keys. If external key already exists in the system, update is performed. Otherwise, a new key is created.
  • Upsert Single - Allow success of records even if some records fail as a multiple upsert that is used for records with inline properties and do not support full purge.
  • UPSERTBATCH - For background entities only. This Upserts one record at a time as a batch.

 Please Note: 

  • Purge Types is only supported by the Upsert Multiple OData operation
  • Employee Profile Background Element Entities do not support Purge Types.

Purge Types

Employee Central Upsert API supports both Full purge and incremental updates using parameters.

Upsert Parameters

    • Full Purge - Existing record is deleted when the upsert operation is performed. A new record is created with the data specified through a URL parameter.
    • Incremental Purge - Only records specified in the payload is purged and replaced. All other records remain untouched. The data is specified through a URL parameter.


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