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2671270 - Common Queries and Issues in SuccessFactors Mentoring


This KB article addresses some common questions and issues about Mentoring configuration.


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KBAs about Mentoring Permissions:

How to questions on Mentoring:

  • Can a mentee be waitlisted?

No, a mentee cannot be waitlisted

  • What occurs when a mentor reaches their maximum number of mentees from an admin and potential mentee perspective?

From an admin perspective, when a mentor reaches their max they become unavailable to match with a mentee and are removed from the matching page. It is similar for a mentee as well, the mentor is simply unavailable for them to request.

  • Will a mentee receive an email notification if a mentor adds an activity plan? 

The mentee did not receive an email notification in this event.

  • Is a user removed from a mentoring program if they leave the organization? 

They will still appear in the Mentoring Program but will display as “inactive” and the relationship does not automatically end with the mentor/mentee.  Admin can either remove the matching in Manage Mentoring Program or Mentor/Mentee can end the relationship.

  • Is it possible to add standard or custom fields on Mentor and Mentee page while creating the Mentoring program?
     Mentor or Mentee page shows only 3 standard fields; JobTitle, Division and Department. It is not possible to add or remove any field from this page.

  • Is it possible to add new users in in-progress mentoring program? 
    Yes, new users can be added only in Open-enrollment program and NOT in Supervised or Unsupervised Program

  • Is it possible to add new users in a program that already ended? 
    No, it is not possible to add mentees or mentors in a finished mentoring program. 

  • Is it possible to remove mentees from already signed up Open Enrollment program?
    No, it is not possible to remove mentees from in-progress or already launched Open enrollment program

  • Is it possible to create dynamic group via import?
    No, dynamic groups can't be created via any import.

  • Why dynamic group is not visible to all users? 
    You need to share dynamic group via the Share button in the action column of Manage employee groups. You can either type in your username or other's username. Once done, groups should start to appear upon creation of Mentoring Program for Mentors and Mentees selection.

  • Is mentoring module available in mobile app?
    No, it is not available in mobile app.

  • Is it possible to to re-start a Mentoring Program once it has finished?
    No, once a Mentoring Program is Finished it cannot be restarted

  • Is it possible to disable mentor-matching algorithm?
     Matching algorithm can't be disabled for Supervised Mentoring program.

  • Is it possible to disable or use images in the notifications?
    Currently, it is not possible to use images on the email notifications. Additionally, it is not possible to disable email notifications from mentoring programs, but you can customize the content for the Sign Up Template while creating the mentoring program.  No other templates can be customized other than the Sign Up Template.

  • Is it possible to disable Upload document functionality in Mentor or Mentee sign up form?
    This is one of the mandatory step while signing as Mentor or Mentee

  • What is the maximum number of questions which can be in a Mentoring Program?
    The maximum is 200, but less would be recommended to avoid possible performance issues.  

  • What is the maximum number of recommended Mentors which can seen by a Mentee?
    The maximum is 60 Mentors which can be seen by a Mentee while signing up. 
  • Is it possible to enable a "matching percentual" in the selection of mentors to mentees?

    When you run matching on your supervised mentoring programs, the system uses an algorithm to compare preferences and Employee Profiles to suggest matches for mentors and mentees.

    The matching algorithm goes through mentor and mentee records to find matches based first on preferences and then on Employee Profiles. The system assigns the resulting matches to one of the following levels:

    • Preferred - The mentee has been matched with one of the preferred mentors selected during sign-up.
    • Excellent - The mentee has been matched with a mentor with whom he or she has a 75% or higher matching score.
    • Good - The mentee has been matched with a mentor with whom he or she has a 75% to 50% matching score.
    • Average - The mentee has been matched with a mentor with whom he or she has a 50% or lower matching score.

    Mentors are assigned to mentees based on the best match possible. The best matches are from the top 25% of matching scores. The next level of match is from the second 25% of scores and the lower 50% of scores make up the lowest level of matching.

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