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2671576 - It takes long time to load data or switch pages in SAP Analytics Cloud


  • It takes long time to load data or switch pages in SAP Analytics Cloud
  • SAC is reporting on the data using HANA live connection


  • SAP Analytics Cloud 11.3


  1. The story has too many queries.
    The story has 5 queries for geo map, and has 5 layers on the map. In addition there is one query each for charts (Mumeric point and pie charts)
    Chrome only has 6 network slots available to be consumed. Thus all the queries after the first 6 have to wait until others complete before they can actually be sent across the network.
  2. The network appears very slow, and most of the time for the queries is not spent in the actual processing, but rather the transferring of the data. This is why we saw such a huge performance gain. For example, if welook at the longest running, it actually only runs for 3 seconds on the server. But 14.49s (17.49 - 3) are spent sending the query to the server, and sending the response back to the client.


  • Change the design of the story and improve network performance.
  • The easiest way to improve here is to only fire 1 geo query instead of 5. It is suggested that only have 1 layer on the map instead of 5. This query will run longer as it has to process more data and return more polygon data, however it will reduce the network overhead of multiple query roundtrips as well as free up the other 5 network slots for the chart queries to use, meaning they won't have to wait as long.

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