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2673579 - Candidate resume is replaced when agency submits existing candidate to another requisition with new resume


Candidate resume/CV is replaced when an agency submits existing candidate to another requisition with a new resume


SuccessFactors BizX  - Recruiting Management (RCM)

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Log in to the agency portal (URL, username, email and password required)
  2. Go to “Job Listings”
  3. Take Action on one requisition
  4. Submit New Candidate
  5. Fill in all required fields
  6. If you agree, tick the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  7. Next
  8. Choose File to add the resume
  9. Add Candidate
  10. Close

  11. Log in to the agency portal - either the same one, or a different one (URL, username, email and password required)
  12. Go to “Job Listings”
  13. Take Action on a different requisition 
  14. Submit Existing Candidate
  15. Select the candidate from the Candidate Name dropdown
  16. Tick the box to upload the latest resume
  17. Choose File to add the resume
  18. Submit Candidate
  19. Close

  20. Log in to the instance
  21. Recruiting
  22. Click on the job title
  23. Candidate tab
  24. Candidate name
  25. Resume
  26. See that the new resume on the second requisition has overwritten the original resume on the first requisition


The resume for the candidate's application to the first job requisition is replaced when the candidate is submitted to a second requisition, because the candidate is in a "Forwarded" status.


To submit the different resume on different jobs, the candidate submitted by the agency on a previous application should exist in the "Default" status, or any other status other than the "Forwarded" or "Invite to Apply" statuses.

Note: Recruiters can only put the candidate in "Default" status if late stage feature is enabled.

You can also follow the steps in KBA 2090228 to submit an enhancement request if you would like to see this expected behaviour change.

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SAP SuccessFactors HCM Core 1805