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2674762 - Unable to purge Users using the DRTM Tool


You have ran a purge request and in the report some users are being shown with the error There is no country specified for this user or user's country is not DRM enabled. or Country code doesn't exist or this country doesn't enable DRM. Please check picklist country or MDF country configuration for identity: or There is no retention time defined for this country

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Users country field is not the same as MDF country entity so there is country convert in the backend. In this case, we must also ensure that the country field value should be the same as the MDF country entity default value.


To use the master data purge, you need to enable the new data retention time management (DRTM) solution and the DRTM Master Data purge object and ensure that General Permission Check is completed this is for Both EC /Non EC enabled instances, please, for additional information follow the KBA 2615360 

  1. Checks to ensure that Country Field is matching MDF Country Entity:
    1. Admin Center > Search for Manage Data
    2. Search for Country and ensure in Data Retention Enabled field the option Yes is selected;
    3. Still in Country > Click on Country Translation and place the same value the is placed in Country field
      1. For example, if in Country Field is place United States in the Country Translation you must to place United State as well


  1. Ask for a partner or open an case with SAP Support to check if the standard element "country" in your company whether mapping to any picklist id has been configured; 
    • For partners:
    1. Go in Provisioning > Export Data Model and check standard element "country" whether mapping to any picklist ID;
    • For Customer:
    1. Open an case mentioning this KBA with the following information:
    • CompanyID:
    • Support Access:
  1. If Country is not mapped to any picklist, make sure the user's country field as shown in the image above is the same as the MDF country's default value field, provide country default value of the to be purged user and proceed with the Purge;


  1. If Country is mapped to a picklist ID, perform the steps below:
    1. Go to Admin Center > Picklist Management > Export all picklist.
    • If your company has complete MDF picklist migration, there is no "Picklist Management" in Admin Center, please, follow steps on 2674970 to get picklist related optionId;
    1. Find optionId of the country of the purged user;
    2. Make sure external_code was configured and external-code is equal to the country code in MDF side; 


    1. Provide country related optionId of the to be purged user and proceed with the purge;


Please reference SAP Guide for further Guidance reference Data Purge

Note :

  • If Job Info Start date is in the future for the user, then you might get the error also. You will only be able to purge the user with DRTM Master Data Purge on/after the Job Info Start date
  • If Learning Module is enabled in your instance ensure the following permissions are granted see KBA 2675172

See Also

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