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2675354 - How To Use The Enhanced Territory Rules


In the past (3 or more years back) we had problems with huge Territory-rule-sets and as a fix in those days we recommended to have split rule-sets.

Meanwhile the coding has improved and we are able to have a larger number of rules in the first rule-set - but only there.

Thus the former recommendation to have split rule-sets is no longer valid.

The only rule-set which can handle the large amount of rules is rule-set1 and the only way for you to benefit from this is to move all the rules currently being spread

over the different rule-sets into the rule-set1.

The reason to activate Split Territory Rules is no longer valid, but the activation leads to other follow-up problems which we can avoid by simply not activating it! 

Indeed, we meanwhile explicitly recommend to undo the activation of the “split territory rule functionality”.


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Steps to execute:

  1. Create a local backup of the status before by downloading the content of all five rule-sets.
  2. All the rules shall be moved into rule-set1.
    1. You have to ensure the columns of rule-set 1 are a superset of all the columns given in any of your rule-sets
    2. You should also try to ensure the same order of the columns which makes merging into one big file easier.
    3. Afterwards the content of rule-sets 2,3,4 and 5 has to be set to empty and this has to be activated.
    4. It might help to also set the content of rule-set1 to space and activate this.
      Afterwards you can upload your complete list of rules into rule-set1 and activate it.

(This step to shortly activate also rule-set1 being simplifies the internal “delta handling” and helps to avoid problems during activation)

  1. Once all your rules are only in rule-set1 and the other rule-sets 2,3,4 and 5 are all empty
    please send the case back to us and we will de-activate the feature of “split rule set”.

The UI showing the links for the five rule-sets will no longer appear but a click “Maintain territory rules” will immediately jump to your only rule-set.


We recommend to perform the proposal first in your test-system and once it worked there you can repeat the steps in your productive-system.


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