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2675918 - Sales Quote with "In Approval" Status after All Approvers Approved It


You have a Sales Quote that shows status In Approval in the Approval Status field but when going to the Approval tab, you see that all approvers already approved it. You expectation is that in this case the Sales Quote appeared as Approved instead.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales work center.
  2. Open the Sales Quote view.
  3. Open the Sales Quote ABC (where ABC stands as ID of the Sales Quote).
  4. Go to the Approval tab of Sales Quote ABC.
  5. You notice that all approvers already approved the Sales Quote ABC.
  6. In the Sales Quote header, you notice the status of the field Approval Status as "In Approval".

You expected that, if all approvers already approved the Sales Quote, its status would be "Approved" instead of "In Approval".


In your Approval Process for Sales Quotes, the Process Step DEF is where the Sales Quote ABC fits in (where DEF is the number of the process step). DEF has as Process Step Name "Involved Party Approver" and Work Distribution as "Involved Party Approver"; however, the Sales Quote ABC does not have this Approver involved party in its Involved Parties tab. Lastly, the "Automatic Approval" checkbox in this case is unchecked.

For this particular scenario, the system does not determine an approver and keeps the quote in approval status "In Approval".


Your currently active approval process for Sales Quotes should have on DEF step the checkbox "Automatic Approval" checked. In this case, since the process step has been triggered but no employee responsible was found (an involved party approver) the approval would happen anyway. For that, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Administrator work center.
  2. Open the Approval Process view.
  3. Select the Approval Process for Sales Quotes.
  4. Click in the Copy button.
  5. Select the Step DEF.
  6. Check the checkbox "Automatic Approval".
  7. Click in Save and Close.

For more information on approval processes for Sales Quotes, please check the link "Sales Quote Approval Process". 


You should explicitly maintain for the affected Sales Quotes an involved party "Approver". For that, follow the below steps:

  1. Go to the Sales work center.
  2. Open the Sales Quote view.
  3. Open the Sales Quote ABC.
  4. Open the Involved Parties tab.
  5. Click in the Add button.
  6. Select Approver as Party Role in the pop-up that appeared.
  7. Fill in the Name field.
  8. Click in Add or Add and New button.
  9. Click in the Save button.

For more information, see the link "Configure Sales Quote Approver Determination".


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