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2676341 - How to configure and set Business Rules to trigger in Dependents Information


How to configure and set Business Rules to trigger in Dependents Information


Employee Central - 1808




Behaviour Change & Supported Elements

  • Prior to 1808 Release - these rules could only be added via XML import and not via Manage Business Configuration (BCUI)
  • Post 1808 Release - these rules can now be added via Manage Business Configuration (BCUI).

The following HRIS Elements support Business Rules with the Base Object "Dependents" and Dependents Model".

  • personInfo
  • personalInfo
  • globalInfo
  • nationalIdCard
  • homeAddress
  • phoneInfo
  • emailInfo
  • personRelationshipInfo


Configuration Example

In the below example we have created a Business Rule to trigger onSave of the Dependents block, that will check to see whether the "Gender" field is Null. Please follow this example carefully as the configuration and caveats must be observed.


1) Create the Rule

First you need to create your rule with Base Object "Dependents" or Dependents Model".



2) Set the trigger

Then depending on which child hris-element the rule will check, the rule trigger will go there. For example the above rule will check if the Dependents > Personal Info > Gender field is NULL - therefore the trigger should go on personalInfo hris-element:



3) Test the rule triggers

Make sure that the rule triggers correctly from the Dependents block, but not the Personal Information block:




Do not make 1 rule that should check or propagate values across multiple elements. The rule should be executed in the hris-element that it is checked Dependents values for. I.e, if the rule checks a National ID has been set, it should go in nationalIdCard hris-element. The rule should not check both National ID and Personal Info data in the same rule.


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