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2677533 - Intercompany Supplier Invoice not Created Automatically From Customer Invoice Document


In the intercompany scenario, the user has released the Customer Invoice document. However the Supplier Invoice was not created automatically.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Customer Invoicing work center.
  2. Go to the Invoice Documents view.
  3. Select the relevant Customer Invoice document.
  4. Select Release button.
  5. Open the Customer Invoice. 
  6. Navigate to Document Flow tab. 

The Supplier Invoice is not appearing because it was not created.


The document has not been created due to one of the following reasons:

Cause 1: The Account used in the Customer Invoice document, is not a valid company.

Cause 2: The output channel in the Output History tab of the Invoice is set to printer or e-mail and not XML. Or Internal EDX is not maintained in the first position.

Cause 3: The Bill-To party is different to the Account party. The Bill-To party does not have the correct output channel set for intercompany scenario (Internal EDX). Since no output channel is maintained, this causes it to go to the default system behavior, which is Printer. The output channel needs to be Internal EDX. Note that, the Account Party needs to have the output channel set as Internal EDX for intercompany scenario.

Cause 4: You have not maintained the form template for customer invoice document for Country & Language specific. As a result, preview is not possible & system cannot generate the Output History for customer invoice document. Hence supplier invoice is not created automatically.

Cause 5: A Communication Arrangement has not been created to perform the communication between Sender and Account.

Cause 6: The document has not been created because an error message that can be seen in "Application and User Management work center - Process Communication Errors" view filtering for Open Errors with Incidents, with the Main Error: "Product ABC not valid" (ABC refers to the product ID).

Cause 7: In the Customer Invoice Template, there is a special character, such as '/', which is not supported. Hence the Supplier Invoice does not get created.


Resolution for Cause 1:

In order to use an intercompany invoice scenario the Account used in the Invoice has to be a Company in your system.

Resolution for Causes 2 and 3:

In the account master data of customer invoice, the output channel for customer invoice /credit memo should be Internal EDX. You can maintain the output channel from the below steps;

  1. Go to the Account Management work center.
  2. Go to the Accounts view.
  3. Select the relevant Account and select Edit.
  4. Navigate to Communication tab and select Collaboration sub tab.
  5. Under Business Documents settings, select Customer Invoice / Credit Memo.
  6. Select Output Channel as Internal EDX.
  7. Select Save.

Now if user releases the customer invoice, the output history will be sent via Internal EDX (Send by is XML) and intercompany supplier invoice will be created automatically.

For already created Invoice Requests or Invoices which are not in Status Released you can change the Output Channel in the document via the You can Also -> Edit Output Settings button to XML.

Resolution for Cause 4:

You have to maintain the Form Template for Customer Invoice with Language & Country specific. Then preview & output history should be generated properly which in turn creates intercompany supplier invoice document automatically.

  1. Go to the Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to the Business Flexibility view.
  3. Go to the Form Template Maintenance view.
  4. Search for existing Customer Invoice form template.
  5. Go to Copy and select As New Template.
  6. Enter the Template Name & Template Description.
  7. Enter Country and Language information.
  8. Select Ok.
  9. Select the newly created Customer Invoice from template.
  10. Select Publish.

Resolution for Cause 5:

The user has to set up a valid communication arrangement between Sender and Account. Please check our material:

Resolution for Cause 6:

The user has to finish this Product Master Data:

  1. Go to Product Portfolio work center.
  2. Go to Products view.
  3. Go to Product subview (By Materials or By Services).
  4. Filter for All.
  5. Search for the relevant ID.
  6. Click in Edit button.
  7. Click in View All button. 
  8. Navigate to Purchasing tab.
  9. Change the Status from Initial to In Preparation.
  10. Save it.
  11. Change the Status from In Preparation to Active.
  12. Save it. 

Now your product is ready to be invoiced. After that you can either cancel and re-create or send to SAP Support to restart the Process Communication Error. Please note that if you cancel the document and it get stuck, you should send to support team to cancel the messages via backend as well.

Resolution for Cause 7:

Please edit the template through the following steps:

  1. Go to Application and User Management work center.
  2. Go to Form Template Maintanance view.
  3. Search for the respective template used for the Customer Invoices.
  4. Remove the Special Characters from the Form Template Name and upload it again.

Once this is done, please create a new document and the Supplier Invoice should be generated. In case necessary, for existing documents please report an incident to SAP in order to retrigger the Supplier Invoice from the backend.

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