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2679030 - Extensibility for Billing Document Printout - SAP S/4HANA Cloud


There is a need to make additional fields visible on the billing document printout



Reproducing the Issue

1. Go to the app 'Manage Billing Documents'
2. Select the billing document
3. Click 'Display'
4. Go to the tab 'Output Items'
5. Click 'Preview'
-> some information is missing on the billing document printout


1. Go to the app 'Display Billing Documents'
2. Enter the billing document number
3. Click 'Continue'
4. Click 'More' / Goto / Header / Output
5. Select the output item
6. Click 'Display PDF Document'
-> some information is missing on the billing document printout


Some fields are not contained in the standard billing document form template.

The following forms are delivered by SAP and can be adapted:

  • SDBIL_CI_STANDARD_... used for standard customer invoices
  • SDBIL_CI_PROF_SRV_... used for professional service invoices
  • SDBIL_CM_STANDARD_... used for credit memos
  • SDBIL_IL_STANDARD_... used for invoice lists


Follow the steps provided at SAP Help How to Extend a Custom Form Template with Custom Fields

Detailed steps and example codes are provided as attachments in the below KBAs in order make the following fields visible on the billing document printout:

ATF licence - KBA 3044080

Bill to language - KBA 3044115

Commodity code - KBA 3044158

Country of origin - KBA 3044152

Created on date - KBA 3044166

Customer material ID - KBA 3045564

Delivery number - KBA 3044154

Net weight and unit - KBA 3045616

Payment method name - KBA 3044469

Purchase order by customer - KBA 3044454

Purchase order date - KBA 3044588

Reference document number - KBA 3044196

Sales office name - KBA 3044533

Sales order reason - KBA 3044607

Service contract dates - KBA 3045610

Tax code - KBA 3046578

Tax percentage - KBA 3044583

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