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2680324 - Custom Field not displayed in UI after import


You have exported a UI Adaptation but the Custom Field is not displayed in the Target System after the import. 


SAP S/4HANA Cloud 

Reproducing the Issue


There might have two causes for this issue:

  1. You are not adding one of the required items in the Software Collection.
    When you add a Custom Field to an application trough the Adapt UI functionality and you want to transport it, there are two items that need to be added into the Software Collection: the Custom Field and the UI Flexibility Variants and Changes related to the application. The UI Changes made trough Adapt UI are dependent on Custom Field and need to be in the same collection.

  2. You have adapted the UI once in the Target System and now there are inconsistencies when you try to transport the content.
    The correct UI adaptation flow is to Adapt the UI and transport the content between systems. Anything different from this flow will result in inconsistencies. If you Adapt the UI directly on Productive System, for example, will cause inconsistencies and if you try to make the correct process transporting the UI changes, it will not be reflected in the system.  


  1. Ensure that any UI changes made using Adapt UI are included in the same Software Collection as the Custom Field. Follow the steps below:
    1. In Source System, go to "Export Software Collection" app
    2. Open the Software Collection in which the Custom Field is added
    3. In the "Content" tab, click on "Add Items"
    4. Select "Type: UI Flexibility Variants and Changes" and click on "GO"
    5. Select the checkbox for the changed application
    6. Click on "Ok"
    7. Export the changes
    8. In Target System, go to "Import Collection" app
    9. Import the changes

  2. If you have ever made changes directly in your target system, it's necessary to reset the UI adaptation for the Original App Version and perform the changes from scratch. You can do this following the steps below:
    1. Open the application that you're trying to Adapt the UI
    2. Click on "Adapt UI" button
    3. In the versions tab (on the right side of the SAP logo), click on the dropdown
    4. Click on "Original App"
    5. Activate and publish the changes
    6. Save & Exit
    7. Go to "Adapt UI" again
    8. Perform the changes with the necessary Custom Fields
    9. Finish the UI Adaptation saving the changes and publishing the new app version

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