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2681865 - Leads Converted to Account and Contact Are Locked


You have converted a Lead to an Account and Contact and this lead does not allow you to perform further actions.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Sales work center.
  2. Go to the Leads view.
  3. Open the lead ABC (ABC represents the Lead ID), this lead was not converted yet.
  4. Click on Action button.
  5. Click on Convert to Account and Contact.
  6. After the conversion, this lead can not be edited anymore.


When the user converts the lead into an opportunity or account and contact, the internal status changes to Converted, and the lead cannot be reopened. Once the status Converted is assigned to a lead, the user cannot modify the lead, or assign a new status to it.

The Lead conversion to an Account/Contact can only happen once, after the conversion the lead cannot be reopened.


This is the expected system behavior.

Due the fine-tune activity Leads -> Maintain Conversion Limit, you can specify the maximum number of opportunities into which a single lead can be converted. However, this only works to conversions of Leads to Opportunities and if the Lead was not converted to an Account and Contact yet.

If you do not want have the lead locked to editions, you can use the Lead action Associate Account and Contact. By associating you can create a new Account and Contact while keeping your Lead open (you are not ending the life-cycle of the lead). Once the Lead is converted/closed you can no longer use it.

The Associate Account and Contact action is similar to Convert to Account and Contact except that when you use Associate to Account and Contact:
- The Lead is still in the same status when you started editing.
- You can continue to work on this Lead and then convert to Opportunity or Sales Lead.
- The conversion facet will not show that this Lead was converted to Account.

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