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2682025 - Recommendation For Custom Communication Scenario Definitions in Cloud Application Studio


This document describes the Rules and Recommendations for Communication Scenarios definitions.

Communication Scenario

A communication scenario bundles inbound and/or outbound communication design time artifacts (e.g. Service Interfaces, Proxies) that shall be configurable in one step to enable communication from or to an external communication system in a cloud system. SAP Cloud Application supports creation of Custom Communication Scenarios within custom solutions.


SAP Business ByDesign

SAP Hybris Cloud for Customer

SAP Cloud Application Studio

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Cloud Application Studio.
  2. Open Solution example Y123456789_ ( Y123456789_refers solution name).
  3. Right-click your solution and select  Add New Item.
  4. Select the Communication Scenario template, enter a name, and click Add.
  5. Define all the mandatory information in the Communication Scenario Definition Wizard.
  6. Review your settings and click Finish.
  7. A communication scenario definition with the file extension .csd ( ) appears in the Solution Explorer. 
  8. In the Solution Explorer, right-click the communication scenario definition and select Activate.


Restrict the number of Custom Communication Scenario Definitions in one solution

The activation of a Communication Scenario in SAP Cloud Application Studio generates multiple artifacts in the backend system.

The generation of these backend artifacts is a time-consuming process. This activation time would multiply when there are many Communication Scenarios defined in one SDK solution.

The bulk activation of content types defined in SDK solution are trigged during various life cycle process;

For example :

  •  Solution level activation
  •  Assembly activation
  •  When the solution is activated after deployment
  •  When patch is created for the first time…etc.

When such bulk activation is triggered, there are situations in which the system resources are overloaded and can result in a system dump or memory leak.


To avoid such unwanted scenarios, it is recommended to restrict the number of objects created within single SDK solution. The maximum number of Communication Scenario that shall be created in one SDK solution is limited to 15.

If there are use cases which requires definition of more number of Communication Scenario Definition, then there is a need to split the SDK Solution in to multiple smaller solutions logically (manual process). Such splitting of solutions to logical smaller solutions would improve the overall lifecycle experience of SDK solution during various life cycle process.

See Also

SAP Cloud Application Studio help documentation section 8.15.4


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