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2682975 - Pending workflow details in Canvas - Advanced Reporting


  • Is it possible to report on the content details of the pending workflow request into an advanced reporting query? E.G: An emplyee promotion which was processed and its workflow is in "Pending Approval" status.
  • Related Workflow tables are blank in the report e.g. The driving table is Global Job Information and the related table is Workflow Wf Request
  • Related workflow tables are only displaying data for Completed workflows


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • Canvas - Advanced Reporting


It is not possible to report on pending workflow data. The content of the workflow request is stored in a format that cannot be easily consumed by reporting. It is stored in a table called “Workflow Wf Request Attributes”, and, even though this table is available for reporting, gathering its data is very difficult, as an E.G just a code is stored for “Associate II” while 2 other fields in “Workflow Wf Request Attributes” tells that this code is related to table “jobInfo” and field “jobTitle", this is what causes the data to not fetch into the reporting.


  • The pending employment records (and personal information data) are not yet stored in the EC tables (the changed “content” is only available in the “Workflow attribute” table). As soon as the workflow is approved, the new employment (and personal info) record is saved. Hence, related workflow tables will only display data when joined to EC tables (e.g. Global Job Information) when the workflow status is Completed.
  • The workflow objects can also be reported, of course, independent of their status (‘approved’, ‘rejected’, cancelled’, ‘pending’). The goal is not to report about the content of the workflow request but the administrative data (who created/changed/approved a workflow and when)
    Remark: Note that the “Wf content” stored “Workflow attribute” in a non-normalized manner, i.e. fields like „Category“  as e.g. compInfo, jobInfo; „Attribute Id“ as e.g. pay-grade, event-reason and “Attribute Value“ with internal codes (!) which are never exposed on any UI as e.g. of pay-grade, event-reason
  • For MDF objects the approach is slightly different. Here, the not yet approved data is stored within the MDF object itself, i.e. with mdfRecordStatus = “P” (=”Pending”) or “PH” (if the Wf is rejected)

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