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2683053 - Partners Buyer Party and Supplier Party not displayed in the Sales Order after being provided to SAP_COM_0223.


The BuyerPartyID and SupplierPartyID are filled in the API but are not displayed within the Sales Order Business Partners.


  •  Sales and Distrubution (SD)
  •  Logistics Execution (LE)


Both of these IDs actually describe the Sold-To-Party ID of the Sales Order. SupplierPartyID is the ID for the SoldToParty on the SD (=Supplier) side.  BuyerPartyID is the ID for the Sold-To-Party on MM (=Buyer) side. So in the EDI integration process of SAP_COM_0223 and SAP_COM_0224 you can use either of these IDs to determine the sales order’s Sold-To-Party. In some cases the SupplierPartyID is already known from the calling MM system and can be used directly.

Assuming most of the time the SupplierPartyID is not known on the caller (MM) side, so the BuyerPartyID should be provided. If the configuration to map between these two IDs is set up correctly, (described in Set-Up Guide of 2EL)  the BuyerPartyID will be mapped on the same field as SupplierPartyID. Consequently providing both IDs in the same request does not make much sense.


There are 3 possible ways to determine the party internal id (Customer number in SD), and they are listed below with the priority from 1 to 3:

  1. If the supplier Party ID is sent (PARTY-SUPPLIER_PARTY_ID), it is taken as internal party id for the customer
  2. If the buyer Party ID is sent (PARTY-BUYER_PARTY_ID), it used to determine the internal party id from the customizing table EDPAR (in cloud customizing activity). The internal partner number will be determined from EDPAR by selecting with the following values: Customer Number = MESSAGE_HEADER-SENDER_PARTY-INTERNAL_ID, External partner number = PARTY-BUYER_PARTY_ID, Ext.Function = PARTY-PARTY_TYPE converted to internal SAP Party Type ID (ShipTo = ‘WE’, SoldTo = ‘AG’, BillTo = ‘RE’..)
  3. If the global location number is sent (PARTY-GLOBAL_LOCATION_NUMER), it is used to determine the internal party id from the Customer Master Data (prerequisite: Global Location Number for the business partner must be defined in the customer master data).


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SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2008 ; SAP S/4HANA Cloud 2102