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2683422 - Publishing Data back from Compensation to EC Overwrites Updated Information


  • When publishing data back from Compensation to Employee Central, correct data is overwritten
  • Why is Compensation Publishing back to Employee Central incorrect/old information?


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  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


Effective date from the data is after template's effective date.


In both Employee Central and in Compensation (EC-Integrated Template) you have Effective Dates. When an entry is made in EC that data becomes effective AS OF that date. This means that anything before this date had a different value that was classed as Effective.

The effective date that is configured in a worksheet is used as a "maximum point in time" when the worksheet is launched. The most recent effective data in EC will be taken based on this date. All any information that is effective at the same time as the effective date in the worksheet becomes the valid data. Any information in Employee Central that is after this effective date (in compensation) will not be drawn into the worksheet at launch and compensation will NOT consider this data as valid at the time of publishing.


  • User has launched a worksheet to Manager A that has User A and User B present.
  • Worksheet Effective date is set to 1st/August/2018
  • User A has an Annual Base Salary in EC of 100,000 Euros and this record is Effective as of 30th/July/2018

From the above, User A's ABS will populate as 100,000 Euros. This will be correct, However:

  • User A receives an increase on their ABS making it 110,000 Euros > Effective as of 3rd/August/2018
  • Admin then wants to publish final results back to employee central from the worksheet
  • When they publish they see that User A's ABS has been overwritten from 110,000 Euro back to 100,000 Euro.

This behavior is expected. When compensation pulls data from EC there is a type of sync that needs to be present between each data sets  > IE if EC data shows 5, Compensations data needs to show 5.

What is happening above is that when publishing the data backwards from Compensation to Employee Central, Compensation is sees that the data is not in Sync and sees this as an error. It will then publish the data from the worksheet into EC and in doing so, overwrite the data. Even though you may deem this data as the "Correct" data, because of the effective date configured and when the change was made, Compensation does not.


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