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2686279 - Compensation - Translatable Fields


What is it?

  • Country Specific Fields are Displaying as Code/number instead of Label if the field is pulled from and MDF picklist
  • Previously, the custom Compensation fields did not support translated values when being mapped from Employee Central translatable fields.
  • Due to this, administrators could only view fields in the systems default locale. For ease of use, administrators can now view custom fields in their logged in users locale.
  • This affects worksheets, executive review and exports.
  • To achieve this, you will need to configure the custom fields as translatable within column designer and map the fields from Employee Central which are translatable.

Why is it important?

In certain regions, customers are legally required to show the texts based on the logged in user's locale.


  • Only custom fields marked as read only yes will and are of STRING type will support this.
  • Currently, we do not support translatable fields for standard Compensation fields and Employee Central Foundation Objects.
  • It is also NOT possible to use these mapped translatable fields within Compensation formulas.
  • An enhancement has been posted on the SAP community.

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental** 


SAP Successfactors Compensation


  • To use translatable fields there is now a new selection available within design worksheet. This is labelled as "Translatable". 
  • The following is an example of a translatable custom field which is mapped to an EC field

translatable field.png

  • Once a worsheet is launched the column will display in the logged in user's locale.

example translatable field.png

  • Should you attempt to use these fields within a formula the following validation error will be generated upon saving.

validation error.png


  • A potential workaround would be to use .code on any EC mapped fields which are used within custom formulas.
  • Code is not considered to be translatable and will therefore not produce an validation warning.
  • For example, rather than having <comp-ect-input-field-map componentType="compInfo" fieldName="pay-type"/> use <comp-ect-input-field-map componentType="compInfo" fieldName="pay-type.code"/>

When saving a template within provisioning you may be presented with a warning message which cannot be seen within the UI. The template DOES still save.

Please note the following with regards to this warning.

  • The warning message is just a warning, there is no hard stop preventing customers/partners from saving the template.
  • The use of .name and .label fields should not be used within custom formulas. For example, mapped EC mapped fields to .name which are used within other custom column formula.
  • These fields should also not be used as a pay matrix or guidelines custom field criteria.
  • The use of .code and .externalCode will not generate a validation/warning message. If you map to jobinfo.employeeClass you will get a warning as this is a translatable field in EC.
  • The behaviour of .code and .externalCode will not be altered.


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