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2688764 - Effective Dates: How they work in Employee Central and Compensation


  • How do effective dates work in Employee Central and Compensation?
  • How effective dates in Compensation determine what data will be pulled into the compensation worksheet?
  • Is the manager change data restricted by template effective date?


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Employee Central


Employee Central: 

The way effective dates work in employee central is on a "From that date forward basis". If you make a data entry effective as of the 01/01/2022 then that data will be the VALID/EFFECTIVE entry from that date forward until a new entry is made.


In Compensation, effective dates work on a "What was VALID/EFFECTIVE on that date basis". If you set the effective date of a worksheet/form or a field source as of the 01/01/2022 then compensation will look at what was effective as of that date. If there was no entry on that date it will look at the most recent effective data for that field.


If you have a data entry for "Salary" effective as of 01/01/2022 and you have the effective date of the worksheet/form as 01/02/2022 then Compensation will look to see what was effective on that date of 01/02/2022. If there is no specific entry on that date then it will look to see what the most recent data entry is that was "Valid/Effective". If the only entry you have for Salary was effective on or up to 01/01/2022 then this will be the value taken.  

Now if we adjust the above scenario: 

Salary effective date in EC as 02/02/2022 and keep the compensation worksheet/form effective date as 01/02/2022. 

In this scenario the worksheet will look at what was the most recent effective data on 01/02/2022which consequently means that it will not consider the salary data entry effective as of 02/02/2022 as valid/effective and look for the most recent value that was effective on 01/02/2022.

Effective Dates in both Compensation and Employee Central can cause alot of confusion when it comes to what data is being shown and what data isn't. Without the correct understanding of how they work in each domain, it will likely end in having to relaunch worksheets for compensation. The above information applies to any aspect where effective date configuration is present in compensation.

Potential Issues with Incorrect Effective Dates in Compensation:

    1. Publishing to Employee Profile
    2. Data inconsitencies in the worksheet/form Vs Employee Central
    3. "Update Worksheet" not working correctly
    4. Statement Issues
    5. Compa-Ratio/Range Penetration not calculating correctly


  • If you have incorrectly set the effective date in compensation and the worksheet/form is not pulling the correct information, it will require deleting all launched worksheets/forms before you can modify the effective date that is currently configured.

Manager Change effective after the template effective date 

Suppose the effective date of the template (March 1, 2022)  is before the manager change (March 31,2022) on the employee and worksheets are launched (July 20, 2022) after the manager change effective date - the user will be present on the current manager as the UDF (user data file) reflects the user under the new manager (Reilly). The same hierarchy is reflected under Define Planners page on the template. 

If you wish the user to be present on the previous manager (Nanci), it is required to manually move the user to the previous manager's worksheet and have the option "Do not override manually updated employees" enabled under Settings > Advanced Settings of the template. 

manage hierarchy vs template effective date.png


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