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2691166 - How To Enable 1808 List View Feature For Image- Large, Small, Medium, Thumbnail in Opportunities, Leads, Deal Registrations


Enhanced List Visualization can be done from 1808 release with Image and Thumbnail Views.

Organizations, parties, and products in leads, deal registrations, and opportunities can be displayed in different image and thumbnail views for better visualization.

How to Enable 1808 List View feature for Image- Large, Small, Medium on various facets of Transaction?


SAP Cloud for Customer - From 1808 Release onward.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Login to Fiori.
  2. Navigate to Opportunities.
  3. Open an Opportunity.
  4. Go to Facet -Contacts /Product/Involved Parties facet of opened opportunity.
  5. Click on the List View of Contacts /Product/Involved Parties facet.
  6. List display "Table View" and "Chunk View" only.
  7. Large Image View, Medium Image View, Small Image View and Thumbnail views are not displayed in list.

     Limited view.jpg


Large Image View, Medium Image View, Small Image View and Thumbnail views in List can be enabled on various facet of transaction, only if "Image Column" is included in the facet view of the Transaction.


Large Image View, Medium Image View, Small Image View and Thumbnail views can be included in various facets (Contacts, Products, Involved Parties, Overview Sections-Contacts Products).

These views are displayed in list, when "Image" Column is included on various facet (Contacts, Products, Involved Parties, Overview Sections-Contacts, Products) of the Transaction. This can be done via Adapt and Personalization.

  • Pre-conditions for Thumbnail visualizations to be available in the dropdown are :-
    • "Image" must be available/visible. This is because there is no point to have these visualizations available, if image for contacts and products are not existing in the system.
    • Personalization must be enabled for users in the system.
      • KBA 2638700 can be referred for enabling personalization.
      • Personalization can be defined for "Company" or "Role".

Company setting.jpg

    • If user have many layouts, then they must expose this feature as per their required layout.

Execute following steps for enabling this feature in opportunity transaction. These steps can be followed for enabling this feature in Leads and Deal Registrations as well.

  1. Log into Responsive UI/ Fiori.
  2. Navigate to Opportunities.
  3. Open an Opportunity.
  4. Open an Opportunity using “Open Layout in HTML” using the steps below. Refer KBA 2449639 for the same.
    • Click on the User name on the top right.
    • Click on "Open Layout in HTML5".
    • Another browser tab will open the Opportunity in HTML5 UI.
  5. In the opportunity, go to facet- Contacts/Products/ Involved Parties Scree. Hover over the column and list.
  6. Select the second icon "+" to "Add Fields".
  7. "Additional Fields" Window Pops up.
  8. In the "Add Fields" facet search for Image.
  9. Select and Check the "Image" row.
  10. Click Apply.
  11. Go to Adapt and "End Layout Changes".
  12. Refresh Fiori screen to reflect List View Feature with Large, Small, Medium, Thumbnail Image views, in various facet of Opportunities, Leads, Deal Registrations.

         Please note: -

  • To enable this feature on various facets, above mentioned steps should be executed on individual facets (Contacts, Products, Involved Partied) of a transaction (Leads, Opportunities, Deal Registrations)
  • This feature can be enabled in various sections (Products, Contacts) in "Overview" Facet of a transaction (Leads, Opportunities, Deal Registrations).  

Opportunity --Overview.jpgOpportunity --Contact facet.jpg


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