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2692531 - General Audit - Compensation & Variable Pay Audit


General Audit can be used to report the following:

  • Changes made on a specific data subject.
  • Changes made by a specific user.
  • The Change Audit Report will cover all changes to personal data in the format "Before Value" "After Value".

Additional context information will be provided depending on the functional sub area to explain the context of a change.

**Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental**


  • SAP SuccessFactors Compensation
  • SAP SuccessFactors Variable Pay


The Personal Audit (Change Audit) report is NOT the Compensation Audit. This is and remains to be under Manage Worksheets within your templates.


  • The Change Audit is a data privacy feature and cannot be confused current audit functionality (General Audit)
  • To get change’s in a specific plan go back to Compensation audit under Manage Worksheets
  • Data is retained from b1811 onwards
  • Min range is 6 months and a max is still under consideration
  • More information can be found in our Platform guide HERE

In order to use this new feature, you must do the following.

  • Search "Manage Audit Configuration" via Admin Center tool search.
  • You will be presented with the following page.

change audit configuration.png

Descriptions of the above two options are as follows:

  • Personal Data Audit - This is for the new data privacy regulations on changes to personal data.
  • General Audit - Comprehensive audit. All fields from selected tables.

Enable these options and save your changes.

Audit enabled.png


There are some additional RBP permissions which needed in order to enable this and run reports.

change audit rbp.png

You will also need to enable the following permission via Compensation Home> Action for all plans> Company Settings.

This allows you to export the report via Manage Worksheets.

export audit via ui.png

Provisioning job

There will be a provisioning job running daily which will capture changes made before the last 48 hours.

This job is labelled "Change Audit Data Extractor Job". This does not need to be scheduled and cannot be selected from "Manage Scheduled Jobs".

Change audit reports

To run a change audit report for Compensation & Variable pay, do the following.

  • Admin Center and search "Change Audit Reports".
  • Select "Create Personal Data Report"
  • Then Select "Person Search".

change audit report.png

You will be presented with the following screen.

Change audit search criteria.png

Several options are available.

  • Activity - Query actions on the 'person' selected.
  • Person - Select an employee who you want to query.
  • Modules - Select a module you what to query.
  • Functional Area - Select a functional area (Compensation, Variable Pay, Total Compensation)
  • Time Range - Select a time/date for your search.

Once you have filtered the selections to your requirement submit the request.

This will post for scheduling and will populate under the "Access Reports" tab. The provisioning job name will be "Change Audit Collector Job".

generated change audit report.png

  • Download the report and this will populate a zip file containing an excel file.
  • Attached to this KBA is an example of what this file would look like.

Compensation & Variable Pay Audit

This can still be downloaded direcly from the Compensation/Variable Pay plan under Manage Worksheets.

The export will populate blank data should the "General Audit" not be enabled within your instance.

compensation audit export.png

When running this, the job which is triggered will be the "Report export" job.

The file will either download on screen or be sent to a scheduled job depending on the amount of data within the file.


  • There are NO jobs which need to be scheduled within provisioning. These are automatically setup once the audit(s) are enabled.
  • We cannot report on any changes prior to it being enabled. Meaning you cannot enable it today and report on anything prior to today.
  • If you migrate from one data center to another you will have to re-enable Compensation Audit Functionality in the target data center, we do not migrate this automatically
  • When running this report, it will NOT populate data on changes made for the current day. It will only up until midnight the previous day. Please allow 24/48 hours for the audit to update fully.
  • The job will have a start date of 1970-01-01 up until midnight the previous day.

extractor job details.png

For example, making changes to Compensation data on 2018-09-12 will not be populated in the export due to the above end date being 2018-09-11 00:00:00.000.

Target Population

The audit will respect the logged in users target population.

Historically, the Compensation/Variable Pay audit did not respect the target population set using the permission roles.

Now, when running the audit report, you will receive results only for employees in the target group approved by means of Role-Based Permission (RBP).

This will help the customers to implement the decentralized administration model for the compensation audit tool.

Also, HRBPs (given that they have Comp Admin access) can view the audit related data for their own organization based on the assigned target population.

Note : Compensation Plan Activity Audit by employee is only available for 90 days after the changes are made. To get the audit for changes made more than 90 days,  Compensation Plan Activity Audit by template for that time range has to be used. With b23205 release, audit can be run on inactive employees.

See Also

For more information on Data Privacy and other configurations throughout the suit please review the GUIDE.


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