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2692719 - Language Translation In Surveys


The Satisfaction Survey is displaying messages "Thank you for completing this survey." , "This survey has already been completed." and "Please answer the mandatory question." in English language , although the user is logged into the system in a language other than English.


SAP Cloud for Customer.

Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to Sales Campaigns work center.
  2. Go to Content view.
  3. Click on New and create a  Survey DEF of category Satisfaction(where DEF is the name of Survey).
  4. Open the Survey .
  5. Click on Edit and go to Design facet.
  6. Add the Items as per your requirement in the Survey DEF.
  7. Save the changes.
  8. Click on Actions button and select Activate.
  9. Click on Simulation.
  10. The Survey is displayed , complete the Survey by answering the questions and click on Submit.
  11. The message "Thank you for completing this survey." is displayed.
  12. Now login to the system in Dutch language.
  13. Follow steps 1 and 2 .
  14. Open Survey DEF.
  15. Click on Simulation.
  16. Complete the Survey and click on Submit.

Though you are logged in Dutch still the message "Thank you for completing this survey." is displayed in English.


The reason why the translation of the text "Thank you for completing this survey." does not happen is because the Survey DEF has been created initially in the English language.

As a result the default language for the external satisfaction survey is English.

When Survey DEF is sent across to be filled by the people external to the Cloud for Customer system via e-mail, then they will see all the text in the default language.

Simulation here shows how the Survey DEF would look like to the external people who do not login to the Cloud for Customer system. Therefore, the text shown in the simulation is also in the default language.

The Survey Language also depends on the Language Preference of the browser.The text is loaded in the language based on browser's language settings.


If you wish to have the Survey DEF questions and corresponding texts in Dutch language, then you need to login to the Cloud for Customer system with login language as Dutch.

Then create a Satisfaction Survey. This time the default language will be set as Dutch.Maintain questions in the Survey and then simulate. This time you should be able to see the texts of messages in Dutch language.

Also , make sure in the Browser settings the Language Preference is Dutch language first.


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