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2693564 - Legal Entity Sync Using Integration Center - Onboarding 1.0


This KB article explains how to sync Legal Entity from BizX to Onboarding using Integration Center

Image/data in this KBA is from SAP internal systems, sample data, or demo systems. Any resemblance to real data is purely coincidental.


  • SAP SuccessFactors HXM Suite
  • SAP SuccessFactors Onboarding 1.0



  • An additional XSLT will need to be imported into super admin by the Operations team
  • See KB article 2473170 - Additional Corporate structure XSLT File-Onboarding 1.0
  • Once completed, and the file is visible in the Super Admin UI:
  1. Navigate to BizX
  2. Admin Center
  3. Integration Center
  4. My Integrations
  5. Create, select Scheduled Simple File Output Integration
    Create the report.png
  6. Search, and select Legal Entity (FOCompany)
    Search Legal Entity.png
  7. On the right, click Legal Entity ID (externalCode) String(32), and Legal Entity Name (name) String(32)
    Select the fields.png
  8. For Options Output File Type is CSV, and Header Type is Simple Header
    File type.png

  9. Configure Fields will display the fields selected at the start
    Configured fields.png
  10. Filters and sort (Optional)
  11. Destination setting SFTP host address(URL), and credentials will be entered in File Server Setting
  12. File Name consist of ONBAcountID_Company_Sync, File Extension is CSV, File Folder by standard will be /ONB/inbound (Location of the folder in SFTP)
    Folder Name.png
  13. For scheduling you choose when it occurs, and the Start Time (Must be a future date)
  14. Click next and save

Before running the job, additional files must be configured.

  1. Navigate to Super Admin
  2. Import/Export Settings
  3. Export these 3 files ImportCompany, FoundationImport,
    and FoundationImportFieldMapping
  4. Open the file in a text editor
  5. In the FoundationImport
  6. Copy the Location part of the code and edit to suit the company entity
    Foundation Import.png
  7. Change the ID from SuccessFactorsLocation to SuccessFactorsCompany
  8. Change the File Mask from {AccountName}_Location*.csv to {AccountName}_Company*.csv
  9. Change the ImportXslt name from ImportLocation.xslt to ImportCompany.xslt
  10. Change the field Name from Location to Company

Foundation Import after Edit.png

Note: Changes to those areas are based on the title of that level in the Corporate structure, meaning if the Org Level is titled Legal Entity the XSLT must be altered accordingly.

  1. In the ImportCompany file

  2. Change the OrgLevel to the appropriate Org level for Company, in this example is 1

Import Company.png

  1. In the FoundationImportFieldMapping

  2. Copy the Location section

  3. Change the name from SuccessFactorsLocation to SuccessFactorsCompany

  4. In this example the keys are Name and ClientID. The value must match, the row heading of the report.

Foundation Import Field Mapping.png

Note: The variables In the ImportCompany can be called anything as long as the match the, variables in the FoundationImportFieldMapping

Foundation Import Field Mapping and Import Company.png

  1. Save all files and import them back in Super Admin

See Also

KB article 2473170 - Additional Corporate structure XSLT File-Onboarding 1.0


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