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2694770 - Frequently Asked Questions on SAP Business ByDesign Tenant Lifecycle Management


Frequently Asked Questions on SAP Business ByDesign Tenant Lifecycle Management


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1) Question: In a standard package, how many tenants are allowed for customers?

Answer: In standard package you can have only one Test Tenant and one Productive Tenant

For details, refer 2196301

In standard package, when you cannot request a new test system because you have already a lot of test systems, you have to delete all test systems first. Test systems in Maintenance Mode do not count to tenant availability and therefore can be ignored.

2) Question: How do you request the decommissioning of Production tenant?

Answer: Deletion of your productive system from the work center Service Control Center is not possible.

You must request deletion of an already existing productive system via an incident (SRD-CC-CI-CCS)

3) Question: How do you request the decommissioning of Test tenant?

Answer: You may follow the below steps:

  1. Go to Service Control Center work center
  2. Go to Systems view
  3. Choose Active Systems
  4. select the system that you want to decommission
  5. Select Request Termination

If decommissioning of an existing test tenant is not feasible then the customer should purchase the additional test tenant by contacting the account manager, SAP Customer Advocate/Project Manager.

4) Question: What are the Guidelines while requesting Test Tenants (After Go-Live)?

  1. It is essential and very important that you provide us with a valid solution profile (change project) when requesting a new test tenant and/or solution profile copy from the Service Control Center.  If you do not provide us with a valid solution profile / change project, we cannot process your request.
  2. More information about how to prepare a change project can be found in the Help Center documentation, in Prepare a Change Project
  3. A specific solution profile ID represents an according change project and is assigned with one change project.
  4. There may be non-valid solution profiles available in the value help. Therefore, you must choose exactly the solution profile for the new change project created.
  5. To provide you with a new test tenant, it is necessary that you create a new change project first if you want to merge back the new changes of the Business Configuration in this requested test tenant.


5) Question: Once the customer signs up with SAP, which tenant is delivered to the customer?

Answer: The initial tenant provided to the customer is the Test Tenant. Once the relevant stage is reached in implementation, the Production Tenant can be requested from the Service Control Center Workcenter -> Systems view


6) Question: How do you request termination of tenant?

  1. Only test tenants can be terminated
  2. The request can only be submitted from within a production tenant
  3. The termination cannot be submitted for a tenant that the customer is logged on
  4. At least one tenant has to remain per solution and customer
  5. Proceed with caution:  Partner solutions in the terminated tenant cannot be retrieved after termination
  6. Decommissioning is started immediately with physical deletion occurring in 14 days
  7. Once submitted, the termination request cannot be retracted via the UI; instead, open a very high incident (if physical deletion has not yet occurred)
  8. Once the termination request is submitted, the tenant no longer counts towards the customer’s tenant allotment 


7) Question: What are the restrictions during tenant upgrade?

  • Do not terminate or request a test tenant or productive tenant during the time between Test-Upgrade and Productive-Upgrade
  • Avoid a Go-Live during this phase during the time between Test-Upgrade and Productive-Upgrade
  • Avoid applying SAP Cloud Applications Studio add-ons during the time between Test-Upgrade and Productive-Upgrade
  • No productive data transfer (migration) during productive upgrade weekend. Therefore, do not perform any migration activities during the upgrade weekend
  • When system upgrades are planned for test and production system, do not request new tenants (2 days before the start of the test system upgrade and 2 weeks before the upgrade of production system)
  • Business Configuration is possible at any time in both test and productive tenant but without data transfer between the tenants
  • Incidents will no longer be closed as part of the upgrade process
  • No merge back for Change Projects possible while test tenants are upgraded, and production tenants are not 

8) Question: If i terminated the production tenant and requested new one will this require extra fees for the new tenant?

Answer: If you terminate the production tenant and request a new one no extra fees is charged.

9) Question: Is it possible to revert a Tenant Refresh that was performed mistakenly?

Answer: No, once the Tenant Refresh is performed, it's not possible to revert it.

10) Question: Does Business Bydesign tenants support IPv6/Changing the evironment variable to use IPv6

Answer: Currently Business Bydesign tenants doesn't support IPV6 and it supports only IPv4



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