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2698845 - The Direct delete action is disabled in Your Custom Workcenter View


The delete action you created in the SAP Cloud Supplication studio is not visible in the system interface.




Direct delete action for non-SADL OWL is not supported due to technical limitations.


To enable the delete action, we recommend to resort to a SADL OWL.

  1. Open the SAP Cloud Application Studio.
  2. Go to the UI Menu.
  3. Click on File.
  4. Click New.
  5. Select Reusable Components.
  6. Select Object Work List from the list.
  7. Select SADL-OWL from the Template list.
  8. Give New Component Name.
  9. Browse Location.
  10. Assign Package.
  11. Click on the Ok button.
  12. Now first add Description to OWL.
  13. Define Access check mode.
  14. Define BO in Access Controlled Business Object (Select BO from Which you want to crate SADL OWL).
  15. Go to the Controller  tab.
  16. Once it is done, your SADL Query is Ready to execute; However before that, you need to bund all resultant field with the UI list field so it can show on screen.
  17. Click on the Datamodel tab.
  18. Field/Structure/List  with green colour are having binding with BO fields/Queries.
  19. Datalist contain fields that are checked in the Result Column in Controller->Query.
  20. SearchParameters contain field that are checked in Search column in Controller->Query.
  21. Go to the Designer Tab.
  22. Select Column in List Panel.
  23. Go to the Property Tab on the right side.
  24. Click on Value Property.
  25. Select Binding option from popup.
  26. Select field from DataList that  you want to bind with Selected Column.
  27. Click ok.
  28. Change Label of column if required using Label Property.
  29. Bind all column with DataList ‘s field.
  30. Save.
  31. Activate.

You may proceed to your tests.


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