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2700586 - Dynamic selection in SSCUI Create/Assign Selection Variants (Alternative) (SSCUI 102238)


In App Manage Automatic Payments (App ID F0770) file. You are unable to generate Payment Medium file after Payment Run

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  • Financial Accounting (FI)
  • SAP S/4HANA Cloud
  • SAP Fiori 

Reproducing the Issue

Step 1: Execute Automatic payment in app Manage Automatic Payments

Step 2: Generate Payment

Step 3: No Payment Medium generated after payment run

Step 4: View Application log See KBA 2572989


Incorrect entries in dynamic selection of SSCUI 102238 - Create/Assign Selection Variants (Alternative), causing payment program payment media generation failure.


The dynamic selection is used for multiple varaints scenario to support more complicated case.

e.g. There are payments made in USD and EUR. For USD, there is a variant with certain paramenter value. For EUR, there is another variant with different parameter value. If you do not have such requirements, there is no need to maintain the dynamic selection.

How to maintain the dynamic selection:

1. In app “Manage Your Solution”  choose “Configure Your Solution

2. Select the Application Area as “Finance” and Sub Application Area as “Accounts Payable”, Item Name as "Payment Medium Formats" Description "Make Settings related to Payment Medium Formats"

3.  After clicking the “Create/Assign Selection Variants(Alternative)”  (SSCUI 102238) and entering the Payment Medium Format name in the popup screen, the variants list could be seen.


Take ‘1010 DEBK1’ for example, if we need to maintain two variants for it, one for currency ‘USD’ and the other one for currency ‘EUR’.

4. First, enter the variant name VAR_USD, then click the button “Format Para” to maintain the variant parameter value in the popup screen.

5. Then, click the button “Dynamic Selection” to maintain the condition for this variant in the popup screen.


6. Next, select the entry and click the button “New Entry” to maintain a new variant.


7. Follow the steps same as the first variant to maintain the new one.



8. When both variants are maintained, click the button ‘Back’, then click the button ‘Save’.



  • If more variants are needed, use the same steps above. Make sure the dynamic selections for each variant are different so that they cannot be used for again for same posting, or there is a call to generate payment media twice or more using different variants
    Possible application log messages:
    Payment media created in format & Message no. BFIBL02222
    All payment media have already been created for this payment group Message no. BFIBL02166
    Followed by message No Payment Media Created in Format & Message no. BFIBL02159 

  • Currently, no direct deletion action is allowed. If a variant need to be removed, just clear the variant name in the list to achieve.

This note is cloud relevant


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