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2702011 - Deleting Employee and Contingent Worker Data in SAP S/4HANA Cloud


There is the requirement to remove some employee or contingent worker data in the SAP S/4 HANA Public Cloud system.

For example, an employee was terminated and must be deleted from the system, or employee data was uploaded with the wrong company code and this has to be corrected, and so on. This KBA article covers some best practices and considerations.

In this scenario, there can be following questions:

  • Deleting an employee
  • Removing a single PERNR (personnel number)
  • Finding the BP ID for a user
  • Archiving a BP
  • Deleting a BP


SAP S/4HANA Cloud Public Edition


Some employee data is incorrect or has to be archived or deleted for other reasons.


NOTE: A new KBA has been created that explains the same process in a clearer and more direct way. Refer to KBA 2922814 - How to delete employee (and Business Partner) Data in SAP S/4HANA Cloud.

Use Case: All of an employee’s PERNRs (whether one or more) need to be deleted. The destruction of one or more of an employee’s personnel numbers needs to be performed after the corresponding business partner has been archived.

Please refer to the KBA listed at the beginning of the Resolution section.

In production environments, you also have to terminate the employee before you delete them.

If the user needs to be deleted or blocked after the business partner has been blocked and the PERNRs removed, proceed with the "Maintain Business User" app.

For more information regarding ILM policies  and the blocking/deletion of business partner, you can visit:

To maintain ILM Policies refers to:

For more information about ILM policies, we recommend contacting the AP-MD-BP area as CA-WFD-INT does directly handle this topic.

Some additional considerations:

The process of deleting an employee is completed in two phases:

  1. First, request the deletion and
  2. Second, perform the actual deletion.

Ensure that the two different users performing these tasks both have their Write authorizations set to 'Unrestricted' for their assignment to the SAP_HCM_BC_EMP_MAINT_PC business catalog using the Maintain Business Roles app before proceeding with the deletion process. If the authorizations are not set to Write, the process will fail. Write access needs to be enabled for the corresponding roles SAP_BR_DATA_PRIVACY_SPECIALIST and ADMINSTRATOR_HRINFO.

  • If the business roles SAP_BR_DATA_PRIVACY_SPECIALIST and ADMINSTRATOR_HRINFO do not appear in the Maintain Business Roles tile, you can use one of these options:
    • Use the Maintain Business Roles app and choose Create from Template (or choose New). Search for the mentioned roles to create them.
    • Use the Business Role Templates tile and search for the template for the roles SAP_BR_DATA_PRIVACY_SPECIALIST and SAP_BR_ADMINISTRATOR_HRINFO and then create a business role.
  • You can use public CDS views to display more data, such as the Business Partner ID related to the employee who is going to be deleted. For example, the CDS view Workforce Person Details can be helpful. For more information, refer to Workforce Person Details.



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