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2706996 - Sharing View Directly From The Excel File Create Inconsistencies


You are end user, not an admin with Key User rights and you want to share views created in Excel with other users. You decided to share the Excel file which you have used to create the views, and then wants the other users using excel add-in to log-in and refresh the view to acquire the information. However, you have noticed that for some users, when they refresh the data they got an error, but some new data appear. For other users, after refreshing the data they still cannot get any information from the refresh, only the error.


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  • SAP Business By Design

Reproducing the Issue

To reproduce this issue, you should be proceeding with similar steps as described below:

  1. You download a report via Excel add-in.
  2. You do create a view in excel file, and save the file.
  3. You share this file with other users to use.
  4. Wwhen users log in excel add-in, they can see the view saved in the excel, however when they refresh they get an error
  5. Even though few users are able to.


When a key user assigns a Report View to some work centers, all the end users who are authorized for the work centers can access the report view.

In this case, Report view is a single instance, which has single report view id, by which the end users will access the view.
Meaning the report view id is same when multiple users access the report view.

But when an end user Share a report view and a target user accept the view, then a new copy of the report view will be created with different view id.
In this case, the report view is a copy of original report view.

When an end user, in excel add-in, insert a report view, it will be associated by a report view id, which is local for the current user.

When the user shares the excel file to other user, the report view associated with original view id, will not be known for the other user.

However, if this report is published for this user, the end user should be authorized for the report, that is why, some of the users get some information even with errors.


When an end user wants to share a view to other users, without a key user knowledge or action, following steps may help.

1. At first end user create a view in Web and share the view to other users using "Share View" functionality.
2. the other end users’ needs to accept the shared view, so that a new copy of the report view will be created locally for the user.
3. Then the end user can login into excel add-in, and insert the report view into the excel to access it.

Proceeding this way, no inconsistencies will happen and that is the most correct way of sharing the view in the system.


See Also

Please note that system is designed to not compromise the end user mechanism, this inconsistency is linked with technical design. The development is currently in discussion about this gap, what is in Excel Add-In side.
However, this behavior will stay without changes in near future.


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