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2708082 - The Language Adaptation Is Displaying Pseudo Translations With Character '^'


You have noticed that there are some translation from your Language Adaptation that are not working in your system. If you check your Language Adaptation the Target Texts of the Source Texts that are not being translated, were replaced with the pseudo translations with character '^'.


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Reproducing the Issue

  1. Go to the Administration work center.
  2. Click on Language Adaptation.
  3. Open the language adaptation ABC (ABC represents the Language Adaptation ID). 
  4. Go to the UI Text facet.
  5. Search for the Source Text that is not being translated.
  6. You will see that the translation of the Target Text was replaced with the pseudo translation with character '^'.


This is the expected system behavior.

The '^' characters got into Language Adaptation due the action Simulate Translation.

This action copies all source texts that are not yet translated onto the target texts and puts '^' characters around it. Purpose is that customers can use this action to test what the outcome will be if a certain amount of texts would be translated. This action is for testing purposes only and typically once successfully performed those '^'- Language Adaptations are deleted again afterwards and replaced by 'real' translations.

Also, if the user triggered the Collect Texts action as a consequence, will inherit texts that have previously ‘translated’ in other Language Adaptations. This means that if you have others language adaptations they will gets some of the pseudo translations '^' inherited from language adaptation ABC.


If this scenario is occurring in productive tenant, the recommended solution would be to delete all Language Adaptations in the productive tenant and create a transport request in the test tenant that sends all Language Adaptations from there to the productive tenant again.

Prerequisite is that there are up-to-date Language Adaptations in the test tenant. The transport request can be created using UTM (Unified Transport Management) following the below steps:

  1. Go to the Administration work center.
  2. Click on Transport Management.
  3. Click in the New button.


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