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2710001 - Top reasons why jobs are not posted on Pole Emploi - Recruiting Posting


  • I posted a job on Pôle Emploi ADO job board in Recruiting Posting, but it is not published.
  • My job posted on Pôle Emploi ADO job board is in "Transmitted" status in Recruiting Posting, but I'm not receiving any applications. 
  • I posted a job on Pôle Emploi JTMO job board in Recruiting Posting, but it is not published.


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There may be several reasons why a job is refused by Pôle Emploi ADO.


First, when searching jobs on Pôle Emploi job board, make sure you are using the value in the "appellation métier" field (see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2934004). The job board uses this field as the job title.

All jobs transmitted via Pôle Emploi ADO feed are automatically scanned by the job board system and may be rejected because of the following reasons.  

  • Romage error

Some of my job offers are not posted on Pôle Emploi job board because of the "romage" error.

"Romage" is a term used by Pôle emploi job board, corresponding to their repository containing more than 55000 different jobs. After the job is received by the job board, the title and job content are analyzed in order to allocate Pôle Emploi identifier "code ROME".

If the "code ROME" cannot be identified by Pôle Emploi ADO system, the offer will be rejected with error "Echec de romage" (romage failure). The best way to avoid the "romage" failure is to complete on Recruiting Posting interface Pôle Emploi specific field "Appellation métier" (occupation denomination). Even if this autocompletion field is not mandatory, it's highly recommended populating.

  • Pôle Emploi ADO Code NAF error

If you are posting jobs on Pôle Emploi, make sure your company NAF code is correct.

With an MIS code (Interim), the company's NAF code must have the value 7810Z (employment placement agencies) or 7820Z (temporary work agencies). To use Pôle Emploi MIS code (Interim mission), NAF codes 7810Z or 7820Z must be populated in "Code NAF client final" job board specific field.

  • Pôle Emploi ADO Duplicate error 

If the same or similar (the job board system found too many similarities with another job) job is posted or scraped by another partner, the job posted via ADO feed in Recruiting Posting will be rejected as a duplicate.

  • Internship jobs not published on Pôle Emploi ADO job board

Pôle Emploi ADO job board does not accept the internship contract

As jobs with the internship (stage) contract are not accepted by Pôle Emploi ADO job board, you will need to select another contract type if you want to have your jobs published.

  • Pôle Emploi ADO discrimination error 

Pôle Emploi ADO has an automatic validation process before publishing jobs. If ADO system finds a possible discrimination term or wording, the job will be rejected.

Make sure you avoid discrimination wordings or reach out to Pöle Emploi if you need some guidance.

  • Pôle Emploi ADO missing Rome error

This error occurs when the contract type or contract duration are in contradiction with the job description. As a result, the job is rejected by Pôle Emploi ADO job board.

To avoid this kind of error ("Erreur Rome manquant") it's highly recommended checking the job description, and detect and amend the inconsistency withing the contract type and contract duration field.

  • Pôle Emploi JTMO (Sandbox postings)

JTMO request to first post several jobs on their Sandbox before posting on the actual JTMO Production site. Customer must confirm with JTMO team before starting to post on Production site. Therefore if the "Sandbox" configuration field is not selected and JTMO did not confirm that the customer can post on their Production site, the jobs will not be posted.

Please note that Recruiting Posting is no longer receiving the daily report with the jobs' aggregation confirmation, publication URLs and errors and it is not possible to provide any details concerning the job publication (ADO reference id) or rejection (errors) by Pôle Emploi (see SAP Knowledge Base Article 2914611).

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