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2715578 - Feed Links For Deleted Objects Still Available


You have one of the following scenarios;

  • Feed links for deleted objects are still available in your system.
  • Feed posts cannot be deleted, however the comments can be deleted using the Delete option


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Reproducing the Issue

Example 1: you created an object, for example an activity ABC (ABC represents the activity name). The creation of that activity in turn, created a Feed entry with a link to the object ABC. The link to the activity is still available to be clicked in your system, even after you delete ABC.

Example 2: you have added a feed post, and then added a comment. The comment can be deleted, but the post cannot.


Feeds posts cannot be deleted manually. A deletion of feeds when the related object is deleted is not supported. Backend deletions are not supported since this might cause inconsistent data in the system.

The anonymization of objects is not possible for feeds, either.


You can set the Feed deletion duration time. If the duration is set to 30 days for example, the feeds older than 30 days will get deleted automatically. So, the issue will be resolved after 30 days of feed creation.

To set the Feed duration:

  1. Go to the Administrator work centre.
  2. Go to the Common Tasks view.
  3. Click the Feed Duration Settings link.
  4. Now select the Feed Display Duration and the Feed Delete Duration from the dropdown menu as needed.


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