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What do I need to know about Forwarded / Invited To Apply / Late Stage Application Candidates?


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  • Candidates do not receive e-mail notifications when they are forwarded to requisitions.
  • Forwarded candidates are not considered applicants; therefore certain functionalities are limited. For instance, only candidate profile data (not application data) is available on the application record, no data is reportable, the requisition does not appear in the candidate’s Jobs Applied portlet, and candidates cannot be dispositioned.
  • A warning message appears at the top of the application record for forwarded candidates, reminding recruiting users the candidate has not yet completed the application.
  • The system distinguishes between forwarded candidates and actual applicants, so clients can follow legal best practices.
  • The recruiting user can select which status the applicants will be placed into: Forwarded or Default.
  • Forwarded candidates can be Invited to Apply using the action menu
  • When candidates are invited to apply they receive an e-mail notification. This e-mail informs the candidate of the invitation and includes a link to apply to the job. An invited candidate cannot apply to a requisition unless it is posted.
  • If a candidate has been invited to apply, but has not completed the application, a recruiter can re-invite them to apply by clicking Re-Invite Candidate to Apply on the Application. The recruiter can continue to initiate the Re-Invite to Apply until the candidate completes the application
  • You cannot send the candidate directly to Invited to Apply status. The recruiter needs to invite the candidate and then he will be placed in the Invited status.
  • Candidates put into the Default status can be moved through the pipeline, the candidate is still not considered an applicant. The forwarded candidate warning message still appears on the application
  • The client should design a business process that ensures all candidates complete an application before an offer is extended. This is important for technical, functional, and compliance reasons.
  • To prompt the candidate to complete the application, the recruiting user selects the checkbox next to the candidate in the applicant list and selects Action -> Invite Late Stage Applicant
  • When a Recruiter invites a candidate to Apply, the e-mail is sent to the candidate in the locale of the logged-in user. For example, if the Recruiter has logged in using Deutsch (German) locale, the candidate receives an e-mail in the German language. This also applies to the Late State Application.

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